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Shopping trolleys

Fun Mobil 80 Fun Mobil 130

Attract your customers with original Wanzl designs The Fun Mobil trolleys 80 and 130 are the plastic cars of the new generation. Fun Mobil types 80 and 130 are perfect for stress-free shopping as the younger generation is kept happy and this fun feeling is conveyed to their parents. However, the Fun Mobil trolleys are not just fun, with 80 and 130 litres of basket capacity there is also bags of space for shopping. Fun Mobile trolleys offer a true competitive advantage, as they will not only secure existing customers but also attract new customers to your market, spurred by the kids who want to go "where the cars are".

Fun Mobil 80 Accessory: Basket corner protectors

Fun Mobil 130

German Registered Design, Reg. 40109938.5

... have fun boosting turnover!

Fun Mobil 130 Accessory: Platform, basket corner protectors, flag pole

Fun station For docking four Fun Mobile trolleys

Perfect standards, more individuality upon request

Wanzl-Box "Classic" coin deposit system - perfectly integrated in the handle protector (accessory).

Child seat-shopping rack: a comfortable child seat or ...

Wanzl-Promobox coin deposit system with large advertising area (accessory)

a practical shopping rack - simply fold up the seat (accessory)

It is only possible to effortlessly transport two children and lots of shopping with a clever design. The trolley is easy to handle and steer with a fifth, central wheel for improved tracking. Fun is guaranteed for all with the Fun Mobil trolleys when the family is out together, which is why this family-friendly facility will boost your turnover.

Advertising area, customised to your specifications (accessory)

TPlastic bag hook, practical and convenient (accessory)

The fifth wheel - a practical detail for easier handling

Safe parking - one wheel with brake as a standard feature

Ordered part

Fun Mobil 80

Fun Mobil 130

Type code Basket volume (litres)

05.31 753.95 80

05.31 188.95 130

Advertising handle

Child seat - shopping rac

Safety belt for child seat

Coin deposit system Wanzl-Box Classic

Coin deposit system Wanzl-Promobox

Platform for Fun Mobil 130

Bag hook

Basket corner protectors "top"

Additional wheel with brake

Fun and function the Fun Mobil trolleys 80 and 130 guarantee safe fun shopping, as the plastic car is just as solid and robust as the chassis.


Colours: Standard plastic car available in twocolour design: Base: Ultramarine blue, RAL 5002 Roof: Melon yellow RAL 1028 Oval tube chassis and basket plastic powder coating: Chassis: Ultramarine blue RAL 5002 Basket: Flame red RAL 3000 Other colour combinations upon request. Castors: 4 original Wanzl castor wheels Ø 100 mm, rubber tread, 1 with brake 5th wheel Ø 100 mm for easy and safe steering, rubber tread. For passenger conveyors, equipped with original Wanzl autowalk castors.

Fun station for 4 trolleys ●

For Wanzl Promobox

Dimensions (mm)

Fun Mobil 80

Fun Mobil 130





Advertising area 200 x 117 mm

Weight 34 kg

980 1656

Weight 35 kg

Fun station

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Le Roux · 03/2004 Dimensions in mm. Dimensions approximate. Colours similar to RAL. We reserve the right to modify the product. © Copyright by Wanzl

• Base Ø 50 mm, highgloss chrome-plated or with coloured plastic powder coating • 4 row starting keys with chain (please state respective coin deposit system) • Plastic filling pump with hose



Dimensions (mm)

Basketvolume 130 litres





Basketvolume 80 litres

Fun Mobil 80+130

For Wanzl-Box "Classic"


Fun Mobil 80 Fun Mobil 130 Shopping trolleys Fun Mobil 80 Accessory: Basket corner protectors German Registered Design, Reg. 40109938.5 Fun...