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Creative, imaginative theme-based presentations, well-informed assistants and first-class produce are all key to a successful fresh produce space. Whether

Crisp and succulent, tempting and healthy - few other

organic, Fair Trade or regional, Wanzl knows how to

product groups have the value potential of fresh pro-

stage these products convincingly for maximum sales

duce. Wanzl offers a range of solutions for the effective

effectiveness. Our experts will show you how, with the

display of fruit and vegetables, ensuring pick-up

right equipment, fresh and enticing displays will pro-

appeal and high turnover. We understand the subtle-

vide lasting appeal to your customers.

ties of display which make shopping a sensory experience. Exploit this opportunity with Wanzl and enjoy the benefits of stronger differentiation in this lucrative spe-

If you'd like to find out more about our fresh produce


solutions, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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cialised market.



Display A classic of food retailing

fresh produce displays which

tive, modern design with care-

which is suitable for a wide

display to create a fresh im-

The angle can be adjusted from 0 – 30°.

offer more than just appetising

fully considered detail and sur-

variety of display roles –

pression with the customer

variety. Eye-catching design

prising flexibility. With inner

whether for special offers or

time and time again. This sty-

and optimum height set this in-

corners and round end units,

more traditional fruit and ve-

aisle unit apart while subtle

this modular wall or in-aisle

getable presentation. Wood

detail such as resilient Corian®

system supports an almost

detail is included for authen-


lish display effortlessly adapts


This solution, too, offers attrac-

Gas extension springs make adjusting the height easier.


The time is ripe for new ideas:

justable fruit and vegetable


Wanzl has developed an ad-


to suit the range on offer -

cladding ensures low mainte-

endless range of ideas. Step-

tic market character with dark

reflecting your ideas - as a



ped inserts add a further

wood now available for a na-

platform for special offers, a

Thoughtful accessories such as

dimension and are ideal for

tural, elegant appearance.


embracing current trends and



produce and more.

of finishes, in-store impact is

enhance the appeal of this con-

easily achieved.

temporary display solution.


the display of herbs, exotic

ners and storage space further


bag dispensers, waste contai-

Display flexibility and a choice

presentation display or table.


System Crispandsucculent,temptingandhealthy-fewother productgroupshavethevaluepotentialoffreshpro- duce.Wanzloffersarangeofsolutionsfortheef...