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5.21  VarioLine is a lightweight building board with integral foam structure made of polypropylene, polyethylene or polystyrene.  5.22  3D-Tex product variants: 3D-Tex Standard (white textile), 3D-Tex 500 R1 (yellowish polyester nonwoven fabric with melamine resin coating), 3D-Tex PP/KHF (mixed-fibre non­ woven with 50 % polypropylene and 50 % natural fibres).  5.23  Parabeam: a 5 mm thick flat translucent panel made of GRP.

5.24  Frontal view of a GRP Scobatherm panel.  5.25  Section through an aerogel granulate-filled


­Scobatherm panel. 5.24





The translucent Scobatherm insulation element represents a variant of the light


element that is filled with aerogel. Panels with a thickness of 50 mm can attain a


U-value of 0.41 W/m2 K Material  GRP, PUR, PS, PVC Product  Sandwich panel with foam core Manufacturer  Various

Sandwich panels with a rigid PUR foam core and GRP facing layers are ideally suitable for lightweight construction due to their high stability and low weight. Depending on their respective thickness, they can also have an insulating function. The sandwich elements can be manufactured to serve specific purposes, for example, the facing layers can be made of different thermosetting matrix resins or alternatively of thin metal sheeting.

Material  Glass fibre-­ reinforced plastic (GRP) Product  Scobaelement – ILE translucent sandwich panels Manufacturer  Scobalit

The translucent light element Scobaelement is made of glass fibre-reinforced


Properties and design possibilities:

poly­ester resin and is available in two different cross-sectional forms as a sand-

—— Core layer made of PS-, PU- or PVC foam with different degrees of firmness

wich element with covering layers and connecting webs. The durability of the ele-

—— Facing layer of GRP or metal

ments in outdoor and indoor use is similar to the Scobalight products. The sand-

—— Integration of inserts is possible for fixings or mountings

wich construction lends them a greater stiffness and is economical in its use of

—— Good dimensional accuracy

materials. With a span length of 2500 × 2000 mm, the elements can sustain a per-

—— Suitable for use outdoors

missible surface load of up to 180 kg/m depending on the element thickness.

—— Maximum dimensions 3200 × 15000 mm


­Special inserts need to be inserted during production for drilled holes. Properties and design possibilities: —— Standard colour: natural but can also be manufactured in other colours —— Anti-graffiti coating —— Maximum dimensions 8000 × 2400 mm —— Thicknesses 20, 30 and 50 mm (Type M = waveform webs), 25 and 40 mm (Type P = vertical webs) —— Building material class B1 (DIN 4102) also available


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