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Spine & Hinge Creaser


Spine & Hinge Creaser to fit Perfect Binders

The Spine & Hinge -Creaser fits the following equipment:

Perfect Binders - Muller Martini, Kolbus, Harris, Wohlenberg and Horizon*. Folding Machine - Stahl, MBO and GUK* The perfect result

The Spine & Hinge 4 or 6 crease devices works perfectly even on UV coated or laminated covers regardless of grain direction or the amount of solid ink coverage applied. The device replaces the traditional scoring devices found on most Binding machines that often are too harsh and destructive for most types of stock running through the cover feeder on your Pefect Binder.

Benefits include.......

Eliminate Fibre Cracking! The simple way to stop your stitched books from cracking


Completely eliminates fibre cracking 100%


Produces a deeper and more flexible hinge


Works perfectly on cross grain materials


Excellent on UV coated, laminated or Digital stocks


Simple to set and easy to use. Colour coded creasing bands


Works as fast as the machine can run

Close proximity creasing solution for Perfect Bound books Achieve Letterpress quality creasing on your Perfect Binder

*Brand names and trademarks published herein are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Birk & Blyme is not an authorised dealer for Stahl, MBO, GUK, Muller Martini, Wohlenberg, Kolbus, Harris and Horizon products and do not offer genuine parts. Birk & Blyme supplies compatible high quality replacement parts.

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