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FOLDING Wet Score Systems

Wet Score

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Replaces steel scores Faster make-ready Sharper cleaner folds Can be easily moved 3 models to choose from, one for every budget Can run up to four score lines from single tank Micro-adjustment on head for ease of make-ready 3 different size needles for different applications

Model 100M2 Model 100EAU2


WET SCORE can run up to 4 wetter lines

Manual shut off Auto electric controlled (controlled by electronic sheet sensor)

(Above units include tank, two water score arms and all other standard parts)

Accessories: Mounting bar kit for Stahl & MBO 30" and smaller 32" Machines and larger Additional score arm assembly

100STMB 100STMB 32" 100XTRA

Replacement Needles:


Part #


99 HS040

Needle 18 GA X 1”

99 HS041

Needle 20 GA X 1”

99 HS042

Needle 22 GA X 1”

99 HS070

Needle 18 GA x 2”

99 HS071

Needle 20 GA x 2”

Micro-adjust Adjusts to fractions of an inch

*When running heavy cover stocks or heavy enamels, running a score with the wet score will reduce cracking ink for an improved crease.

NEW Wet Score System - Closer Than Ever Coming soon..... Wet Score for Pharmaceutical work n n n

5 lines within 1” span now 1/4” apart Electronic ON/OFF control, no dripping Great for perfect bound books, miniature folding

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