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*Stahl Style Segmented Glue Rollers & Glue Nose


Glue Rollers


Stahl* Style Segmented Fold Plates

Is it a top quality combination fold roller or a segmented glue roller? The Answer is BOTH. Large 30mm diameter core is 50% more resistant to warping & bending Knurled steel segments w/urethane for long life and quality folding whether you glue or normal folding. Simply separate the segments for relief when gluing, when not gluing slide segments back together to create a standard combination roller.

Part #

Machine Model

BB3112 BB2079 BB2876 BB2316 BB2062 BB2700 BB1939 BB2062 BB3713 BB3714 BB3715 BB3716 BB3717 BB3718

T50/B20 Glue Roller Plate TF56 before 5/89 TF56 after 6/89 TF66 before 5/89 TF66 after 6/89 TF78 before 5/89 TF78 after 6/89 USA 26 TF56 after 6/89 soft P.U TF66 after 6/89 soft P.U TF78 after 6/89 soft P.U TF56 after 6/89 Super Grip P.U TF66 after 6/89 Super Grip P.U TF78 after 6/89 Super Grip P.U

n Solid aluminum construction n Each segment adjusts individually n Each mounts on existing plate rail n Installs in 5 minutes n No need to remove for regular folding n Move segments without removing plate

from machine

Glue Noses

Replacement Parts for Segmented Glue Rollers & Plates F B



with stationary deflector

*Stahl Style Part #

Machine Model

BB2195 BB1078 BB2136

B-22/T56 B-26/T66 B-30/T78



Part # BB1754 BB1753 BB1752 BB1079 BB2199 BB2200 BB2201 BB2202 BB2105 BB2104 BB2103 BB2727 BB3719 BB3720

Glue Noses

Index Machine Model A B C D A B C D B C D E F G

with flip deflector

Replacement Segment Stahl 4” long Replacement Segment Stahl 3” long Replacement Segment Stahl 2” long Replacement Segment Stahl 1” long Replacement Seg. MBO B26-30 4” long Replacement Seg. MBO B26-30 3” long Replacement Seg. MBO B26-30 2” long Replacement Seg. MBO B26-30 1” long Replacement Seg. MBO B120 3” long Replacement Seg. MBO B120 2” long Replacement Seg. MBO B120 1” long Replacement Roll Segment after 1/1/02 Replacement Segment Super Grip P.U Replacement Segment Soft P.U

Stahl* Style Part #

Machine Model

BB2196 BB1077 BB2135

B-22/TF56 B-26/TF66 B-30/TF78

*Brand names and trademarks published herein are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Birk & Blyme is not an authorized dealer for Stahl & MBO products and do not offer genuine parts. Birk & Blyme supplies compatible high quality replacement parts.

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