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Table Top Perforator


218 Bobcat - “True Line” Table Top Perforator / Scorer / Slitter A friction feed desktop unit 45.7 cm ideal for smaller print shops and short run work, especially when fitted with the “True Score” digital scoring head. Includes features normally only found on larger and more costly machines.

Optional TruScore Tooling

Designed for runs of hundreds....built thousands of runs.


State-Of-The-Art Performance Features

Standard Equipment 1 set of Slot Perf Heads w/Burr Rollers 1 set of Scoring/Creasing Heads 2 sets of Drive Rollers 4 Perforating Blades 1 Tool Kit

Table Top space saver Versatile: Can Slot & Knife-Cut Perforate, Crease, Micro Perf & Slit Quiet & simple to operate Run up to 5 heads Quickly add or remove heads Quick lateral guide adjustment Perf heads with built in chip remover Variable speeds up to 15,000/fph Handles materials from the very thinnest stock up to 1.6 mm board

218 Bobcat Table Top Specifications Sheet Sizes Minimum

2.5” (63 mm) x 3” (76 mm)


18” (457 mm) x 18” (457 mm)

Quick-Lock & Micro Adjust Side Guides for Fast Setups

Dimensions/Weight Length

42” (1066 mm)


27” (685 mm)


10.5” (266 mm)


45 Kg

Positive Feeding Caliper

Cycle Speed Feet per hour

Up to 15,000

Minimum Spacing Between Lines Perforating Scoring/Creasing

3/4” (19 mm) standard 1/2” (13 mm) available 1/4” (6.4 mm) standard

Standard precision Rosback Heads

Manufactured by: ROSBACK CO.

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