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*Stahl & MBO Style Drive Shafts & Trailing Bands


Stahl* Register Board Drive Shafts

Split Guide Transfer Table Belts

Stahl* Style

Part #

*Stahl #

BB2581 BB2582 BB2583 BB2584 BB2585 BB2586 BB2587 BB2327

Part # BB2633 BB2634 BB2635


204-495-1200 261-796-0100 204-495-1000 204-495-1100 216-348-0500 216-348-0400 216-348-0200 263-445-0100

Stahl B-14 Stahl USA B-20 Stahl SOM T56 Stahl SOM T66 Stahl TF-56 Stahl TF-66 Stahl TF-78 Stahl USA 24/26

*Stah l# 220-554-0100 200-624-6100 200-624-6400

Description Transfer Table B-14 Transfer Table TF56 Transfer Table TF66

MBO* Style

Trailing Bands

Part #

*MBO #

BB2628 BB2629 BB2630 BB2631

870/830x20x1.8 765/730x20x1.8 680/645x20x1.8 925/880x20x1.8

Description MBO B-30 MBO B-26 MBO B-23 MBO B-32S**

**MBO Perfection Series w/32" 8 page




Part #


BB2319 BB3655 BB3088 BB3772 BB2161 BB3656 BB3248 BB2318

Trailing Band Assembly - A Trailing Band Assembly - B Trailing Band Assembly - C Trailing Band Assembly - D Clamp only for Trailing Band Assy. A Magnet Assy - Trailing Band B & D Clamp only for Trailing Band Assy. C Band only - Fits style A, B & C


Band only - Fits style D


Thumb Screws - fits all styles

(8' long, you cut to length needed)

Stahl* Style Drive Shaft

*Stahl #

BB2007 214-914-BG08 BB2008 BB2009 BB2010 BB2011 BB2012

214-914-BG07 219-221-BG04 219-221-BG03 228-519-0400 228-519-0300

n Sheet Hold-downs w/flat spring to give superior hold-down ability

Part # BB1081 BB2454 BB2428 BB2275 BB2360

(8' long, you cut to length needed)

Part #

Smoother Bar


Description Stahl SOM, TF, Stahl USA, B-26 Stahl TD MBO 23, 123, 26, 30 Replacement Spring Stahl* Replacement Spring MBO*

Side Air Sheet Separator

Description Handwheel Shaft TF56 Mfg.Before 1-85 TF66 Mfg.Before 1-85 TF56 Mfg.1-85 thru 10-88 TF66 1-85 thru 10-88 TF56 11-88 to present TF66 11-88 to present

Kit assembly # BB1253 n n n

Makes Stahl pile feeds operator friendly. Greatly assists feeding on all stocks. Complete kit for pile feed. Includes blower extension tube and on/off valve with instructions.

*Brand names and trademarks published herein are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Birk & Blyme is not an authorized dealer for Stahl & MBO products and do not offer genuine parts. Birk & Blyme supplies compatible high quality replacement parts.

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