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Micro Perf and CP Applicator

Micro Perf & Slit Tool The NEW Micro-Perf and Slitting tool can produce Letterpress Style Micro-Perforating and Guillotine Quality Cutting. The Micro Perf is available from 17-52 TPI. Conventional perf blades supplied by the OEM are 12TPI and does not produce “true” micro perf. l

Precision MicroPerforating and Slitting!

Produces flat and almost invisible micro-perforations to cater for a full range of material. Laser printer friendly l Produces Razor sharp slitting, double cutting and edge-trimming that out performs other rotary methods many times over l Combines close proximity creasing/micro-perforating and cutting l Eliminates out-sourcing of creasing & microperforating

Crease & Perf Tool

The Revolutionary CP - Applicator

The ultimate close proximity crease & perf applicator for most popular types of folding machines. Now it is possible to produce two almost invisible micro-perforations as little as 5 mm apart. The impressive CP-Applicator includes creasing options that can easily be inserted into the middle of the two perforations to ensure quality fold position. This new system is perfect for companies looking for faster and more cost-effective ways of producing vouchers, tickets, coupons or rip-out order forms that need tear-off perfs close to the fold. The CP-Applicator is fully adjustable to allow quick change over of crease perf combination for any given format.

l Fully patented crease and micro-perforation technology

l Perf - Crease - perf (5mm - 45mm apart) l Double perf (5mm - 50mm apart) l Includes 17 Tpi (teeth per inch) 25 Tpi and 52 Tpi blades

l Includes 3 x crease styles (to suit 80 - 350 gsm)

l Almost invisible micro-perf result l Operator friendly and easily adjustable Attaches to......... Stahl* and MBO* folders

*Brand names and trademarks published herein are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Birk & Blyme is not an authorised dealer for STAHL and MBO products and do not offer genuine parts. Birk & Blyme supplies compatible high quality replacement parts.

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