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Micro Perforator

Micro Perf Tool Attach the Micro-Perf to your existing folding machine and within minutes you can get perfect perforating, even on light stock.

17 Tpi

25 Tpi

52 Tpi

Attaches to most popular folding machines, incl. STAHL*, MBO* Micro perf on your folder!

You can run the Micro-Perf alongside your existing Tri-Creaser's or any other manufacturer's equipment. That means you can crease and perforate in one easy pass SAVING huge amounts of time and money. No other simple and cost-effective system exists that enables you to transform your existing folding machine into a perfect perforating system.

l Versatile: 3 ‘Micro-Perf’ attachments to suit light paper to heavy board (8,12, 17, 25, 40, 52 and 72 Tpi -teeth per inch). Normal machine manufacturers ordinarily have just one perforating attachment at 12 Tpi.

l Long Life Blades: Each Micro-Perf is double bevelled which massively extends their longevity. Plus the Micro-Perf runs on to our unique nylon sleeve (not against metal) which means the Micro-Perf blade doesn’t wear out.

l Guaranteed Even Depth: Quality of perforation is increased because the blades are mounted on our specially formulated rubber (Polyacetal) using our unique patented system. This ensures you get an even depth of perforation guaranteed every single time.

l Quick Make-Ready Time: Takes just a few minutes to set up and there’s no need for training! upward force from perf blade

Sheet travel Downward force from perf blade

Figure 1

Traditional lower knife anvil

Result is a jagged, unsightly “torn” look which customers reject

conventional perf deforms sheet both down & upwards

Bevel of standard perfs deforms sheet away and down from the lower anvil

Front View Conventional Folding Machine Perf with lower anvil

Figure 2 Rubber Grippers to guide the sheet and maintain flatness

Minimal Sheet Distortion

Result is a clean, flat and nearly invisible perf that customers love!

Support Beneath the Sheet

Figure 3

Tech-ni-Fold Micro Perforator

One of these reams is micro-perforated.. how does your folding machine compare?

*Brand names and trademarks published herein are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Birk & Blyme is not an authorised dealer for STAHL and MBO products and do not offer genuine parts. Birk & Blyme supplies compatible high quality replacement parts.

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