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Bindery Accessories


PERMA CLASSIC Robust, simple, reliable - The World’s most trusted single point automatic lubricator. A requirement for trouble-free operation is the uninterrupted supply of sufficient, fresh lubricant to all lubrication points. Perma CLASSIC delivers predictable and consistent lubrication. The reliable operating principle relies upon an electrochemical reaction. Perma CLASSIC is fully dust and water proof and can withstand impacts. * There is a time delay between activation and initial grease discharge which is temperature dependant OEM recommends using type Red 6 month activator - Ref. # Activator-Red

Ref # PSF965Classic Molykote White Longterm

Plastic Pile Separators

Quicky Pad Counter Part # BS-57

Baby Wedge Part # PW3033 100 x 30 x 33 mm

Small Wedge Part # PW3030 200 x 30 x 30 mm

Adjustable pad counter Size

Medium Wedge Part # PW6030 200 x 60 x 30 mm


2" 3" 5" 4"

wood wood wood plastic5"plastic



Large Wedge Part # PW7525 200 x 75 x 25 mm

Pad Knives Folder Bones Pad Knife Part #


BB59 BB60 BB61 BB62 BB63

7” (when available) 8” 9” 8” pointed 9” pointed

Pad Knife-D

Cord Tender

Jogger Bones Part # BB3376

Part # BB2956


Keeps cords off floor for safety


Keeps cords out of trim scrap


Magnetic mount attaches & remounts quickly

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