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CUTTING The New Improved

Paper Cutting Knives



In the past, the Schoenenberger MegaLife knife was one of the most durable around. Now, they have even improved on this!

What is new about Megalife? The finish quality of the carbide blade. With a new grinding process, an even better finish has been achieved for MegaLife quality. Benefits include: n n n n

Excellent cutting quality Hardly any dust Less waste Increased productivity

With the new improved MegaLife, you will experience up to 6 times the durability compared to standard carbide knives.

If you are in high production MegaLife is for you! MegaLife is available for all popular models of Three-Knife-Trimmers. Please call us for further information and pricing.

3670* Knives

DS360* Knives

Precision Carbide Made in Germany

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