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Issue 1 Month of April

GROUP ONE T I M ES GROUP ONE GOES WEB! We have now started a yahoo group for the parents of group one. The main purpose of the group is to continue the communication between karyakars and parents. This group will allow the parent coordinators and group karyakars to pass on a message to the parents. If you have any questions regarding announcements, or your balaks progress any time throughout the year, please feel free to email the group . The email will not be forwarded to everyone, it will only be sent to the group karyakars. Documents and files for dhoon, prarthana, and any other material will also be sent via the yahoo group. Thank you for your time ! M a rch H ighlights IN THE MONTH OF MARCH, WE DISCUSSED MANY TOPICS IN BAL SABHA. WE HAVE STARTED OUR MONTHLY ENVIRONMENT PROJECT AND EVERY MONTH WE WILL HAVE A THEME, AND A SUBTHEME FOR EACH WEEK WHICH RELATES TO THE SUB-THEME. F FIRSTLY, WE TALKED TO THE BALAKS ABOUT HOW WE CAN TAKE LABH OF DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT SAMYAOS AND THE IMPORTANCE OF THEM IN OUR LIFE.WE HAVE COVERED THE FOLLOWING SAMAYAOS: DIWALI, UTTRAYAN, FULDO, AND JALJHINI. PLEASE REVIEW THE NOTES WITH YOUR BALAKS TO ENSURE THAT HE HAS UNDERSTOOD THE POINTS COVERED IN SABHA. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THE MATERIAL, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US! THANK YOU, AND JAY SWAMINARYRAN! M O N T HLY T H E M E: SHREEJ I MA HARAJ

This month’s theme is Shreeji Maharaj. We have so far covered two sub-themes as we are in our second week on the month. We have covered Ghanshyam Maharaj as well as Neelkanth Varni. Please review the notes with your child. Later in the month we will also cover the topic of Sahajanand Maharaj taking ownership of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya.

Announcements ! Please remind your balak to bring in a notebook for taking notes Please remind your balak to wear a jahho lengo

Group One News Letter  

Report hof r for

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