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The reference in pure sound.

S-3EX Speaker Guide

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09.11.2007 14:32:08 Uhr

A strong slant towards perfect sound.

For many decades, the concept of “high fidelity” has denoted the highest standards of sound reproduction. But the growing demands of music lovers mean that it must satisfy very different requirements today. Naturally, this also raises the bar when it comes to speaker performance. Speaker capabilities ultimately determine the level of clarity, detail, precision and dynamism in the sound that reaches the listener’s ear. It is against this background that we created a series of reference speakers designed to set the benchmark in ever y aspect of technology, design and sound. And the name of this series? E X. The speaker featured in this brochure is the S-3EX. Welcome to a world of perfect sound.

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Built on over 70 years of experience and passion.

Ever since producing our first dynamic loudspeaker in 1937, we at Pioneer have dedicated ourselves to the sole objective of turning sound into an even greater experience than previously possible. As par t of this quest, we set up a separate branch specialising in speaker technology for professional applications in 1975. The name of this company is TA D (Technical Audio Devices). Constituting a reference class of their own, TAD monitor speakers are found in many famous recording studios and concert halls around the world. The EX series is the unique product of priceless engineering skills backed by the wealth of experience accumulated over 70 years of Pioneer and 32 years of TAD.

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+ 2 mm Beschnitt

Tested, optimised and certified by professionals.

Who better to monitor, test and optimise the capabilities of the EX series speakers than AIR Studios in London? Since 1969, when Beatles producer and composer George Martin founded this temple of sound, AIR Studios has not only been one of the world’s leading recording studios, but al so a recognised authority when it comes to fine-tuning home entertainment components. And their verdict on the EX series? These speakers have what it takes to perfectly reproduce the sound of a professional studio in your living room. For more information about those at the very top of music production go to:

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+ 2 mm Beschnitt

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The finest materials, solid construction, outstanding acoustics.

Ceramic Graphite Tweeter Diaphragm

Perfect Time Alignment Design

Ceramic Graphite is without doubt one of the finest

using the Precision Curve


materials currently available when it

The E X Series cabinets feature a baffle with a

comes to ultra-high qualit y sound

precisely cur ved sur face. This groundbreaking


“Precision Cur ve” delivers a superlative aural

Its low weight and exceptional strength combine

experience by ensuring that all sounds – from the

to push the diaphragm resonance far beyond the

highest to the lowest –

audible range.

reach the ear exactly a s t h e y s h o u l d : in perfect unison.

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BEFORE abd-afast

The bass drivers in the S-3EX series speakers deliver nothing but fast, Cumulative Spectral Decay Plot

powerful, extremely dynamic bass that extends to the lowest frequencies, while ensuring a smooth transition to the midrange. Hel ping them achieve this is the incomparable Linear Drive Magnetic Circuit, LDMC, w hich k e ep s t he f or ce fac t or con s t an t , e v en dur ing extreme cone movements. Added to this is a special construction that combines the Aramid/Carbon cone, the dust cap and the voice coil to form an extremely rigid triangle structure. AFTER abd-afast

Cumulative Spectral Decay Plot

ABD + AFAST By their very nature, large fl oor-standing speakers often allow internal standing waves to produce an uneven and boomy response in the l ow-mid frequencies. Not so in the S-3EX. Coherent Source Transducer, CST

The cabinet

Our ultra-accurate ABD (Acoustic Balance Drive)

In contrast to the conventional configuration in

In addition t o t he wide r ange of t echnol ogie s

simulation technology enables the position of the

which the t weeter s and midrange driver s are

involved in getting the best out of a speaker, the

driver and the bass ref lex por t to be optimised

separated, the Ceramic Graphite tweeter in the EX

key ingredient above all else is a cabinet that will

to such an extent that the first standing wave is

series is mounted concentrically inside the cone of

allow the tweeter, midrange and bass drivers to

completely eliminated. As for the second vertical

the magnesium midrange driver. With this unique

interact in such a way that truly high-end sound is

standing wave, this is absorbed by our proprietary

CST technology developed by TAD, the acoustic

recreated. You need l ook no fur ther. The S-3E X

AFAST (Acoustical Filter Assisted System Tuning)

centres are aligned, allowing the sound directivity

cabinet is crafted from multiple layers of laminated

technology – an internal resonator that comes into

to be precisely controlled. The resulting aligned

MD F up t o a ge ne r ou s 10 0 mil l ime t r e s t hick ,

play at critical frequencies.

sound is free of coloration and extremely coherent.

guaranteeing absolute acoustic neutrality.

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09.11.2007 14:33:34 Uhr

S-3EX. Or the pure listening experience.

The S-3EX speakers are wholly devoted to the supreme goal of bringing music to life. Their sole function is to create for you, the listener, the sensation of a musician, band or orchestra playing in front of you. Every note, every chord is vividly portrayed, drawing you closer into the performance. So much closer that, with every hearing, you’ll discover previously unheard details in even your favourite pieces of music.

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S-3EX speaker specifications S-3EX 3-way vented box system SPECIFICATIONS Front-vented Bass-Refl ex Floor-Standing Type

Enclosure Speakers Bass

16 cm Aramid cone (x2)


Concentric driver: 14 cm Magnesium cone


Concentric driver: 3 cm Ceramic Graphite dome

Frequency Range Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m) Nominal Impedance Maximum Power

30 – 100,000 Hz 88.5 dB SPL 6Ω 160 W

Crossover Frequencies

400 Hz / 1.8 kHz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

350 x 1,224 x 541 mm


48 kg

Finishes Cabinet Grille

• Real wood veneer • Clear beech wood (glossy finish) • Dark teak wood (satin finish) Black cloth

Whether you opt for the elegant beech high-gloss veneer or the dark teak matt finish, the S-3EX cuts an impressive figure in any setting.

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09.11.2007 14:33:53 Uhr

+ 148,5 mm Beschnitt

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09.11.2007 14:34:42 Uhr

+ 148,5 mm Beschnitt

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09.11.2007 14:31:22 Uhr

MALTA: DORELL TRADING LIMITED Standard Bldgs., C. De Brockdorff Street, Msida, MSD-02 Tel.: +356 21 33 38 61 Info: Service:

IRELAND: AUDIO VISION IMPORT LTD John F. Kennedy Drive, Naas Road, Dublin 12 Tel.: +353 1 240 5600

LATVIA: BALTIC MULTI MEDIA SIA Ventspils Iela 50, LV-1002 Riga LATVIA Tel.: +371 7 610 111 Info & Service:

ICELAND: BRÆDURNIR ORMSSON HF Lágmúli 8, P.O. Box 8760, 128 Reykjavik Tel.: +354 55 32 800 Info & Service:

ESTONIA: DIGISOUND OÜ Kanali tee 12 10112 Tallinn Estonia Tel.: +372 60 33 990 Fax: +372 60 33 997 Email:

The EX series also includes:

ISRAEL: UDT ELECTRONICS CORPORATION LTD. 13 Moses St. 67442 Tel-Aviv ISRAEL Tel.: 00972-3-609 110


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09.11.2007 14:31:58 Uhr

2007 S-3EX speaker brochure  

The reference in pure sound. Created to promote the launch of theS-3EX Speaker.

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