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The Pure Malt speakers are more than just eco-speakers with a rigidity unmatched by other woods or artificial materials. Inside each speaker you’ll find the quality of high-end audio components that you expect from us. A newly-designed silk soft dome tweeter reveals gently smooth audio. Its combination of an aluminium voice coil and a ferro fluid-cooled magnet system improves both heat radiation and magnetic efficiency. The result is superior performance with a crystal-clear sound image. Each speaker includes a composite aramid fibre woofer. The same material is used for the diaphragm and the centre cap, which further improves the rigidity of the speaker. This allows the vibrations from the voice coil to be transferred into sound waves without unwanted resonance.

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PIONEER’S ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMME This product has been developed as part of Pioneer’s eco-philosophy. By recycling whiskey barrels, waste – as well as the need for new materials – is reduced. Pioneer’s commitment to a cleaner environment also includes: use of recycled packaging and materials, reduced packaging, elimination of ozone-depleting substances and lead-free soldering. For detailed information concerning Pioneer’s Environmental policy, please visit:

For a pure, smooth and natural sound, the Pure Malt speakers are ideally suited for the sonic connoisseur. Your local Pioneer shop

Speaker type

10 cm cone woofer, 2 cm dome tweeter



Frequency Range

50 – 40,000 Hz

Sensitivity (1 W/1 m)

84 dB

Maximum Power

100 W

Crossover Frequency

3,500 Hz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

154 x 246 x 213 mm


3.7 kg

Product Code


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The Sound Inside

Rich and flavourful sound, aged to perfection. Pure Malt Speakers

Acoustic Strength From Whisky Barrels The value of using this hard wood is that it makes each speaker extremely rigid – and any vibrations which interfere with the sonic staging – are fully controlled. The matured wood of the Suntory Whisky Barrels provide a richer, more sonorous sound than would be obtained from using any virgin wood or synthetic material.

These are not just any Whisky Barrels. These are the barrels used by Suntory, Japan’s signature spirit, to store and mature their whisky. Aside from the eco-friendly benefit of using barrels that have come to the end of their 100-year life cycle, Suntory’s barrels are made from white oak, one of world’s hardest woods.

And just as high quality whisky is taken through an intense distillation and maturing process, so too are our Pure Malt speakers processed – each one refined and finished to pure perfection.

The usual practice is that each barrel, once it has come to the end of its 100-year life cycle, is torn down and incinerated. But we’ve found a way to recycle each barrel and re-use the wood in the construction of our Pure Malt speakers. At the end of a barrel’s life, we carefully collapse each barrel into individual boards. An intense steaming process then begins – straightening each board, but without loosing any individual character and strength. Each board is then individually cut and polished, ready for the speaker cabinet construction.


High performance speakers made from 100-year old Whisky Barrels. Aesthetically pleasing and with the


high-end audio performance that you would expect from Pioneer.

The result is a beautiful, polished and rigid speaker cabinet that is indeed a true original. And as you can appreciate, it’s not every day that a Whisky Barrel reaches the end of its lifecycle. So the Pure Malt speakers that you buy are unique, and one of a select few available at a given time.

2007 folder Pure Malt speakers  
2007 folder Pure Malt speakers  

brochure created to promote the Pioneer Pure Malt Whisy speakers. Together with the brochure, a folder holder was created. The promotion was...