Bird's Party Magazine - Spring/Summer 2012, Issue 5

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Roll out chilled cookie dough about Âź-inch thick, cut out smaller circles in the center of larger circles to make rings. Place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake according to the recipe. Let cool completely.

Prepare icing according to the recipe, divide and tint your colors. Prepare a decorating bag with coupler and tip for each color, fill each with icing, and close the bags tightly with rubber bands. Have ready your five colors of icing and five colors of sprinkles.

Work with one cookie at a time. Pipe to outline the ring at the outside and inside circle, then pipe to fill the ring completely with icing.

Place the ring on a plate and generously sprinkle a coordinating color of sprinkles over the cookie. Move the ring to a baking tray and let the cookies dry overnight.

Cut a 2� thick strip from yellow paper and fold at every inch into an accordion. Repeat 3 times to create 4 folded strips. Altogether.

Fold each folded strip in half and round the edges with scissors.

Stick or hot glued each strip on it’s own, then glue the strips together to form a rosette.

Hot glue the clown cupcake topper onto a lollipop stick and insert through he middle of the rosette and use to decorate your frosted cupcakes.

Materials needed: homemade or store bought cupcakes * fondant & fondant rolling pin * food color Americolor Gourmet Food Writer (black) * 2.25" round cookie cutter * a small, sharp knife * water * Optional~ a toothpick * Super pearl, pearl dust & a paint brush to apply it

Use round cookie cutter to make small, blue fondant circles. Heads: roll a small amount of fondant into a ball shape. Hair: roll out fondant in the color or your choice. Curls: twist a thin strip of fondant around a toothpick. Let it set for a few mins before you remove it then attach it to head with a small dab of water. Roll out the arms & flatten one end. Use a small, sharp knife to make little fingers on the flat end.

Once everything has dried, use the gourmet food writer to draw the faces. Use water to attach your finished people and hands to the blue, fondant circles. Decorate cupcakes with blue frosting of choice and place the little swimmers on top.

Display cupcakes with a cute summer bunting (from Magnolia Creative). It would also be a fun idea to make little, fondant swimmers resembling the people you have invited to your party. Think about adding bows, freckles & rosy cheeks as a "splash" of drama!

Materials needed: * 32 5 gallon wooden paint stirring sticks * * Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface satin acrylic craft paint in Pond, Surf, Summer Haze, and Sea Lavender * Paint brush * Painter's tape

Paint 8 sticks (all sides except for the back) with the Pond paint color. Repeat with the Surf, Summer Haze, and Sea Lavender paints.

When the paint has completely dried, place rolled up pieces of painter's tape on the back of each stick.

Starting with the Pond colored sticks, adhere them onto the wall side-by-side. Create a wave-like pattern by varying the height of the sticks. Repeat with the Surf, Summer Haze, and Sea Lavender colored sticks.

Gather your materials: cookies cutter or tip * small knife * fondant food coloring (white, red, ivory, purple, black) * lollipop stick Then cover lollipop stick with white fondant about half way.

Cut ivory fondant with cookies cutter or piping tip for make the face. Make body with ivory fondant and tail with red, attach them with water to the stick. Make bikini top from small ball purple fondant attach them with water and small ball at the center of bikini. Make tail with purple fondant, cut half with knife at the bottom of the tail.

Make arms and hands with ivory fondant and attach to body with a dab of water. Attach head and hair to body.

Draw eyes with paint brush, paint on white dots on tail with paint brush and white food coloring. Mark mouth with tip of a small knife.

Materials needed: Pineapple * Fake flowers, easier to poke into pineapple * Knife * Craft Cutters * Embellishments(shells)

With your knife cut a section (a chunk) out of the side of the pineapple.

Cut your fake flowers to desired length.

Insert fake flowers into the cut flesh of the pineapple and arrange. Add embellishments around pineapple like shells.

Materials needed: Brow, blue, green and navy felt * hot glue gun * headband * t-shirt * matching thread in t-shirt color and needle

Proceeded to cut a smaller egg shape out of green felt - again trimming the lower section of the egg shape and layer it on top of the blue shaped feather

Start by cutting out an egg shape out of brown felt and then I cut out a smaller egg shape in blue cutting off the lower portion of the egg shape.

Complete each peacock feather with an even smaller egg shape using navy blue felt and cutting the lower portion flat again, then cut a triangle at the tip of the egg shape Glue all layers together with a hot glue gun.

Created different sizes and use the “peacock feathers� to embellish a headband by gluing the feathers on with a hot glue gun. For the t-shirt, secure various sized feathers on the front using your needle and thread or fabric glue.