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Rainforest By Andrew

Hi I will tell you about the rainforest. I will tell you what animals live there and what there weather is there and about the river there and the layers of the rainforest.

I am going to tell you about the jaguar. The jaguar is the king of the rainforest. It does not like to swim. They can get up to 75 to100 pounds. They like to eat meat.

The weather there is hot rainy and wet. It can get between 100 to 200 degrees. It can rain a lot and the rivers can flood. It gets wet when the rain comes down. The animals have to have water. They have a big river called the Amazon River. Animals can drink out of the river. There are some piranhas in the in the river.

Now I am going to tell you about the layers of the Rainforest. The layers of the rainforest are the forest floor the canopy and the emergent layer emerges above the other ones.

I just told you about the Rainforest. I hope you learned a lot about it. Thank you for reading the rainforest story.

Rainforest By Andrew  
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