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All About Matter By Maddy

Hi!!!!! I can’t wait to tell you about Matter!!!! I loved learning about Matter!!!! I am going to tell you about water and how it can be all three different types of Matter and I am going to tell you about Matter is everything!!!!

Matter can be a Solid, Liquid, and a Gas. A Solid is not something that flows or drips. It is something that stays together. A table for instance is a Solid it holds together even when You put all your weight on it.

Now let’s talk about liquids. A Liquid is something that flows and drips.

Now let’s talk about Gases. Air is a type of Gas and water vapor is a Gas too.

Now I am going to tell you about how water can be all three different kinds of Matter. Water can be a Solid when it is very cold outside. You see icicles outside in the winter. Those are made out of water. Water can be a Liquid when ice melts. And finally water can be a Gas when the sun heats it up and it turns into a gas.

I just told you about Matter! Tell your friends about the report! And I hope you liked my report. Now I am going to learn more about Matter!!!

All About Matter  
All About Matter  

Maddy wrote a report about matter.