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There are many methods and techniques that allow you to promote your product. Unfortunately, the majority of these require you to regularly spend a considerable amount of money to maintain consistent sales. Below are the top three techniques to promote your product without spending a single penny. Start an affiliate program Having an affiliate program is the key to keeping sales flowing in. To acquire affiliates, your product needs to be extremely unique and is of high quality. Many affiliates will ask for a free copy of your product to help them decide whether they want to promote it or not -- you should never reject this offer. Your affiliate program should pay a minimum of 50-70% of the final sale price. Furthermore, you should hold regular competitions and offer prizes to affiliates that make the most sales in a period of time. Forum promotion Find the three most popular forums of your product's niche and register as a member. Include a link in your profile's signature and actively participate in discussions -- this not only builds backlinks but also generates a decent amount of traffic. Your posts in the forum should be helpful and never appear to be spam-like. Social network marketing Social networks are an incredibly powerful marketing tool if used correctly. Many social networks will offer a search function that allows you to search for users based on their personal preferences, location and more. This allows you to easily find your specific target market and build relationships with them, eventually leading to the odd sale.

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==== ==== Click Now To See How To Build Business: ==== ====

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