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Let's be honest the business builder is the prospects we are all trying to attract to us. Most dream about that person who signs up in their business eager to start building their own. The occurrence of finding this person is the exception not the rule. It is just the law of averages. The fact is if you make a point to attract enough people the business builders will come out of the wood work. The average industry results are that 20% percent of the people you sponsor will be the business builders. The remaining 80% will consume the products but not really do anything with the business. The 20% that are the business builders will help manage the other 80% that are product users. The next question to answer is what qualifies someone as a business builder? There are many clues to let you know whether or not someone is going to build a great organization or if they are going to suck the very life from you. It is very important to notice these traits right away. If someone joins and does nothing but call you several times a day complaining and venting it is someone you need to put in their place or simply let go. It is not worth your time and energy to groom a dependent. You are looking for someone who is independent and takes action first and then asks you questions based on their results. The four qualifications you want in a business builder are: 1. They need to have a burning desire and passion to change where they are at in their life. This is an important trait for your business builder to have. They need to have a big WHY. The legendary Jim Rohn says that, "When the why is big enough the how is easy." The MLM business has its rocks in the road just like any other traditional business but the rewards are so much higher. It is important to have that burning desire to keep on the bumpy road until it smoothes out. 2. Be committed to putting in a minimum of 20 hours per week working the business. If you were to go get a part time job anywhere you would probably work at least 20 hours a week. If you are serious about wanting to grow your business a 20 hour minimum work week confirms that. 3. They are willing to commit to learning and application. Many times I have heard the statement; if you are not growing you are dying. This is very true in your MLM business as well. You want to make sure the business builder is taking time to learn new things and taking the time to apply them. The beauty is that they can learn while they earn!

4. Finally this person is willing to invest some money to grow their business. If someone is willing to invest some money into their business you know that they have a higher commitment level. They are willing to risk a little to gain a lot. The part of this business that many people seem to forget about is the marketing. Marketing can and should be done in many ways. You should use the free methods along with the paid methods. These qualifications should help you as you sort through your prospects and qualify them as recruits. Some people may start out as customers and then have a life change that transforms them into business builders. If you would like to find out more about how to attract more business builders to your MLM business click on the link in the resource box for more information. Copyright © Mary Thayer

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==== ==== Click Now To See How To Build Business Organizations: ==== ====

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