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Gaps remain in the network of important seabird sites. Some of these reflect genuine absences because seabird populations have disappeared long ago owing to pressure from humans, but others reflect the lack of information on seabird populations.

12/20/2012, 3:14 PM

Sturat Chape

Hidoram Shirihai

A total of 104 sites on land and 99 sites at sea have been identified to date that support internationally important populations of seabirds. While there are likely to be gaps in this network, these sites will help to focus much needed conservation efforts. Many sites are assessed as being in poor condition.


Most sites have been identified around important seabird breeding colonies. These vary in size depending on the size of the colony and the distance that the species breeding there travel to forage.

Steve Cranwell

Seabirds rely on land and sea

Important Areas for Seabirds - Guiding marine conservation in the Pacific  

IBAs in the Pacific

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