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Minutes of the Birchgrove Community Association, held on 18 February 2009 Attendance Bernard Davies, Steve Payne, Gerrie Maber, Jason Parker Apologies

Roy Jones, Tony Griffiths, Gareth Lewis, Mike Slee, Ryland Doyle. Action 1 Minutes of last meeting. The minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.


Bernard Davies opened the meeting by giving apologies for Roy Jones who is suffering from ill health. The committee would like to pass on get well wishes to him. Bernard proposed that the general purpose of this meeting should be to set a date for a Public Meeting. The committee agreed that the Public metting should be on Thursday 26th March 2009 and should include a PACT meeting, an AGM and election of members. PCSO's to be invited along with councillors and press.


The rest of the meeting was spent roughly planning an agenda for the public meeting. Which will read as follows: 1. Opening Speech 2. Request for volunteers. 3. planning application for flats on Birchgrove Road. 4. Heol Las Park (Petition) 5. The EmilyFootpaths and Rubbish. 6. Crime and Policing. 7. Travellers Site. 2 Matters arising. i Letter to be sent to Chief Executive of Swansea Council re The Emily, Pavements on Heol Las and Ffordd Scott and the Travellers site. 4 Website. Jason gave the stats for the website which had 59 hits in December and 45 in January.

12 Next meeting. The next meeting will be on 18th March 2009, at 19.00 in the Birch Public House and will just be to make sure everything is in placce for the public meeting the next week.


Birchgrove Community Association Meeting Minutes 18th February 2009  

Birchgrove Community Association Meeting Minutes 18th February 2009