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CARPETING YOUR OFFICE: CREATING THE RIGHT AMBIANCE Whether you have a small upstairs office on the high street, or your company occupies a staggering structure on the outskirts of town, you know that it is an investment. The biggest expenses of any business will be its employees and its premises, and both of these represent your company and (hopefully) everything it symbolises. Interestingly, the needs of both impact each other. If you hire additional staff, it follows that you need more space. Once you have enough space, you need to decorate it accordingly. Without attention to the little aspects of working life, you are not likely to hold these new employs for long. Whether you have a new space, or you must just replace the carpeting at the premises you have occupied for years, it is a task that you should consider carefully. A few thoughtful choices can make or break the overall ambiance of your office. And you cannot afford to jeopardise your company’s appearance – for your staff, or your clients. Different Areas Have Different Uses – Even when you have a small office, different parts of it are used for different purposes. You may not have a need for a traditional reception area, but your employees and clients must enter somewhere. And, your accountant may sit next to your designer, but they likely eat lunch in a break area, not at their desks. Knowing the way your office flows is key to choosing the right carpeting. You may love the feeling of clean white carpeting in reception, but if it is constantly dirty, it will not have the effect you desire. Responding to needs before design is crucial; otherwise, you may find that maintenance costs are beyond your budget. Consider Your Branding When Choosing Carpeting for Client Areas – Your office should reflect the standards and mood of your company. Creating the right ambiance overall unquestionably means incorporating your enterprise’s key elements into the areas that your clients visit. A business that specialises in value for money may have a little more leeway with the type of carpeting they choose over the options available to a firm specialising in luxury. But, that does not mean that clients should see cheap carpeting. Nor should your employees (for that matter), but if your budget only allows you to splash out in certain areas, make it the ones that sell your company – so your employees can focus their talents elsewhere.

Remember that Carpeting Does Not Mean Uniformity – Considering the last two points is key to selecting the right ambiance for your office space. Sure a bulk buy may come at a reduced price, but your office is an investment. If you get it wrong, it will not be a saving. Setting the mood can mean different things in every area of your space, and therefore demand different colours or textures throughout. You might be able to get away with white carpeting in the board room, but it could just stifle your employees’ talents if they are concerned about messing the carpet. A break in carpeting does not need to flow with walls; it can visually separate spaces for incredible mood effects. If You Desire Balance, Allow Yourself to Consider Darker Colours – You can paint the walls of your office white and keep them clean, but it is significantly more difficult to maintain white carpets. Installing dark, yet vibrant coloured carpeting allows you to have the best of both worlds without overpowering your space, or overpowering your budget. Carpeting does not need to disappear within your office walls; you can make it the focal point, allowing everything else to play to your floors. Indeed, this will set your office space ahead of the competition, and allow your employees to feel at home. Look for Inspiration Online – Developing ambiance and interior design are not everyone’s forte. If you are running a successful business, it is unlikely to be your strength. That does not mean you must overspend on a designer, or sacrifice results without one. Look for inspiration in other offices. There are plenty of images online to provide you with ideas you might be able to use. And, you never have to limit yourself to offices similar to your own. Consider how a toned down version would work in your space and remember that carpeting can play to almost any design, given the colour and durability of the product you choose. Chat with Your Carpeting Professionals – Product expertise is crucial for including all the above ideas and creating a cohesive space - and an inviting ambiance. The team here at Birch Carpets are available for more than simply taking orders. They understand what type of product is required to meet the demands of heavy traffic areas. They also know that even basic carpet tiles can be laid in patterns to create an effect. Choosing your carpeting before chatting to the professionals is going about it backwards, and likely the mistake that led to some of the dreadful offices you have stepped into before. And, these professionals are resources you can make use of during the entire carpet purchase and installation process.

Above all, remember to take your time. Carpeting is an investment, just like your staff and the building they work in. The ambiance you can create is only as powerful as the choices you make. Rushing through such a weighty decision means you may just need to start over in a few years, or even months. And, that is clearly the last thing your company can afford. It needs you to return to your work so that your enterprise continues to demand bigger and better premises all the time. For more information about choosing the right carpet for your office space please visit the Birch Carpets website -

Carpeting Your Office: Creating the Right Ambiance  

Birch Carpet's guide to creating the optimal ambiance in the office workplace.