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Two years ago, we began a journey towards a transformative idea for Barcelona: a Hub that would provide Barcelona’s international public policy community with the space, services and support needed in order to more effectively fulfil their critical work on global challenges. In February, this dream was fulfilled when we moved into the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, opened our doors to our first residents, and launched our first activities. We have received a very warm welcome and tremendous support from Sant Pau and feel very at home. Our inaugural group of residents included the Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT), democraciaAbierta, the Higher Education Alliance for Refugees (HEAR) and the BCN Action Plan Secretariat, and we quickly expanded to welcome Build Up and JustPeace Labs. Our residents say that their new work environment is a source of inspiration, motivating them to launch new events and collaborative partnerships. One of the ways that BIPP HUB catalyses innovation is through the incubation of new IPP projects and we are proud to be incubating two cutting-edge organisations: democraciaAbierta and HEAR. BIPP HUB is providing office space, fundraising advice, and professional services to support their growth and development.

Elisabeth de Nadal (left) and Annamie Paul (right).


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BIPP HUB has reached out beyond its four walls to offer training and programming for the entire community. We launched the Global Affairs Summer Scholars Programme for Barcelona secondary students in partnership with the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), led an strategic fundraising workshop, co-hosted a public speech by Colombia’s High Commissioner for Peace with IFIT, and a seminar on transitional justice in Asia with Casia Asia and IFIT. Since opening, we have been hosting the BCN Action Plan, a plan to attract more IPP organisations to Barcelona and to convert the city into a centre of reference for innovation on global challenges. We have recently expanded our support to the BCN Action Plan, thanks to a partnership with Barcelona Global and Fundació Bancaria la Caixa. The early positive response to BIPP HUB gave us the encouragement we needed to grow, and we have now expanded into a second space: the Sant Pau Central Pavilion. We also have new residents, including AKETK, Quo Artis, and Better Sourcing. In the coming months, BIPP HUB plans to offer more trainings, more support for collaborations, more opportunities for capacity building, more professional services, more space to host events from the sector, and more offices to welcome new residents. We welcome your ideas, input and involvement as we continue to grow and we hope that, whether you are a resident or not, our home will become yours. With best wishes,

Elisabeth de Nadal

Annamie Paul



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SIX MONTHS MOVING INTO SANT PAU BIPP HUB is located within the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. Sant Pau is a “city within a city” and a designated UNESCO World Heritage landmark. Its rehabilitated historic pavilions are home to leading institutions who are engaged in international public policy such as the United Nations University, the World Health Organisation, UN-Habitat, EURORDIS, SCP/ RAC, the European Forest Institute and Casa Àsia. BIPP HUB occupies the Sant Jordi and Central Pavilions within Sant Pau. Sant Jordi was constructed between 1902 and 1911 and was recently restored to the highest standard. The Pavilions include private offices, as well as meeting, kitchen and lounge spaces, and BIPP HUB residents enjoy all the conveniences of a modern office in perfectly preserved modernist buildings.

BIPP HUB WEBSITE BIPP HUB has launched a new website. There you can find the latest information about BIPP HUB services, projects and programmes, as well as profiles of our residents and their activities. You can also visit us on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

INAUGURAL RESIDENTS The Institute for Integrated Transitions is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to helping fragile and conflict-affected states achieve more sustainable transitions out of war or authoritarianism. IFIT’s core work is to provide independent expert analysis and advice on integrated policy solutions for locally-led efforts to break cycles of conflict or repression. Through its global work, IFIT fosters the development of an institutional knowledge and body of practice that can help make possible the more evidence-based approaches at prioritisation and integration that global policymakers have long sought. The Higher Education Alliance for Refugees is a new organisation dedicated to policy research to promote education for those forced to flee their homes by war, climate change and natural disasters. HEAR aims to harness expertise in universities around the world to create innovative approaches to education. Among the first three projects HEAR working on are: portable qualifications, the future of Syrian education and vocational education. HEAR is being supported by BIPP HUB as an incubation project. Publishing in English, Spanish and Portuguese, democraciaAbierta  is a global digital platform for Latin  American voices, debating democracy, mobilization, participation, and human and civil rights across the continent. Established in January 2015 as one of the five main sections of openDemocracy democraciaAbierta is currently implementing its second start-up phase which includes the deployment of projects, alliances and partnerships  on the ground. democraciaAbierta is being supported by BIPP HUB as an incubation project.


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OF WORK The BCN International Policy Sector Action Plan aims to transform Barcelona into a global centre of reference in international public policy. It is doing so by creating and marketing a strong series of incentives capable of attracting a critical mass of the world’s leading international public policy organisations, foundations, and think tanks to Barcelona. Action Plan incentives are being developed through a partnership between Barcelona’s public, private, and policy sectors. The BCN Action Plan Secretariat is being supported by BIPP

Barcelona International Policy Action Plan

HUB as an incubation project.

NEW RESIDENTS JustPeace Labs aims to empower local communities to be active participants in creating just peace and sustainable development through the use of technology. JustPeace Labs works with peacebuilders and development specialists to improve access to easy-to-use software; enhance capacity to build customized apps; and ensure an ethical and secure approach to using technology. Striving for long-term solutions to hard problems, JusPeace Labs’ approach aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Build Up is a social enterprise that works with civil society in different countries to design innovative practices that help them contribute to peace processes. The Build Up team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of development, peacebuilding, public policy, media and marketing. Likewise, Build Up combines solid practical knowledge in building peace and civic technologies with academic research. For this reason, Build Up is involved in the identification of standards and methods for the development and use of peacebuilding technologies, and its founders are some of the central voices that have defined the “peacetech” field.

IFIT COLOMBIA COURSE BIPP HUB sponsored the two-day "Peacemaking in Colombia" course, organised by IFIT. The course was designed to provide global policymakers, practitioners and scholars with an in-depth, critical and behind-the-scenes perspective on how peace was negotiated in Colombia, how it is being implemented, what lessons it offers for peacemaking elsewhere, and which key challenges lie ahead. With over sixty participants, the course was led by a dozen of the principal Colombian advisers who worked for years on every issue in Havana, where the peace negotiations took place. Today, many of these are members of the multidisciplinary IFIT Brain Trust for the Colombian Transition. This course was the first time that these remarkable experts united to present, collectively, their unique experiences and insights about the lessons and challenges of peacemaking in Colombia, from 2010 to present.

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SPEECH BY SERGIO JARAMILLO IFIT and BIPP HUB co-hosted a public speech by Mr. Sergio Jaramillo Caro, High Commissioner for Peace of Colombia, who talked about the challenges of the implementation of the Peace Accord now that the physical disarmament of the FARC is complete. Accompanied by Mark Freeman, Executive Director of IFIT, Mr. Jaramillo explained what he believes to be the five key challenges of the implementation: the fulfilment of the obligations to the victims, reintegration of the FARC, the implementation of the accords within the territories, civil society participation, and finally, achieving the latter democratically.

TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE WITH CASA ASIA Together with Casa Àsia and IFIT, BIPP HUB co-hosted a workshop on transitional justice in Asia: a discussion panel with Asia Justice and Rights at Casa Àsia. AJAR is a regional NGO based in Jakarta, and is one of the founding members of the new TJ Asia Network, established to share lessons learned from those countries in the region where transitional justice issues are of urgent importance. Initial areas of focus include, amongst others, Aceh, Indonesia where a sub-national TRC has just been established; Myanmar where the newly elected civilian government must share power with the military; and Sri Lanka, where the government and the UN Human Rights Council have co-sponsored a resolution that includes a full range of TJ mechanisms, but where national heroes directly implicated in mass crimes lead the security forces.

Mr. Sergio Jaramillo Caro (lectern) and Mr. Mark Freeman (front) at the speech.


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THE FUTURE EXPANSION: CASA D’OPERACIONS The Fall has brought many exciting developments for BIPP HUB, the most exciting of which is our expansion into the Sant Pau Central Pavilion. The Central Pavilion is known as Casa d’Operacions, having originally been used as an operating theatre. Constructed between 1902 and 1911, the Pavilion combines start-of-the-art office amenities within a modernist building to create a unique work environment. With 470 square meters and capacity for over 50 professionals, this space has permitted us to welcome new residents to the HUB and the Sant Pau community.

Casa d’Operacions.

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PEACETECH 101 Designed and delivered by Build Up, Peacetech 101 is a practical introduction to innovation and technology for peacebuilders. The first of its kind, this 5-day training course will cover innovation processes and technology tools that can be successfully used to build peace and prevent conflict. This emerging body of practice is often referred to as ‘peacetech’. Participants will emerge with a strong understanding of best practices in peacetech that will allow them to design and manage programs that introduce technology tools and innovation processes to their peacebuilding work.

GLOBAL AFFAIRS SUMMER SCHOLARS PROGRAMME Last June, BIPP HUB and IBEI launched the Global Affairs Summer Scholars Programme (GASS), an intensive, one-week pre-university programme in International Affairs for IB and Bachilleréate students taught in English. GASS is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to gain first-hand exposure to International Affairs and its exciting sub-disciplines, while also getting a first taste of their future life as a university student. The course will be offered again in summer 2018.

INCOMING RESIDENTS AKTEK helps both public and private organizations manage their operations in fragile environments with better information. Its technology engines help decision-makers organize what they know, what their organization knows and what the world at large knows about their operating context so they can make better decisions and succeed. AKTEK data scientists and software engineers focus on delivering solutions that preserve institutional memory, enhance information triangulation and facilitate time-sensitive responses to pressing problems. Whether via intelligent stakeholder mapping, deep public perception monitoring, or advanced risk/resilience modelling, AKTEK seeks to combat extremism, terrorism, piracy, epidemics, climate change and natural disasters. The Better Sourcing Program provides a technology-based communications solution that helps its clients and development partners discover and leverage opportunities in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector. They help their clients meet international responsible sourcing expectations and comply with conflict minerals regulations and they do this by delivering upstream supply chain due diligence through real time risk and impact assessment, monitoring, management and reporting. Quo Artis is an international non-profit foundation that seeks to establish connections between art, science and technology through the collaborative work of professionals in these fields. We aim to add value to society and culture by encouraging the creation of interdisciplinary and innovative projects.


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P R E S S PRESS RELEASES Barcelona quiere ser capital de políticas internacionales. Dos abogadas impulsan BIPP Hub, un centro para atraer y crear nuevas organizaciones que trabajan en retos globales. La Vanguardia, 18 Feb 2017. Impulsan un proyecto para convertir Barcelona en referente de políticas públicas internacionales. La Fundación Bancaria La Caixa ha firmado un convenio con la asociación Barcelona Global para desarrollar un proyecto que tiene como objetivo transformar la capital catalana en un centro de referencia en políticas públicas internacionales […]. Europa Press, 21 Jun 2017. “Un país que logra la reconciliación es un país que evita la violencia política”, afirmó en España el Comisionado para la Paz. El funcionario habló con españoles y colombianos en Barcelona sobre los principales retos de la implementación, desde la perspectiva de la reconciliación. Sala de Prensa, Gobierno de Colombia, 10 Jul 2017. Espai innovador per fer front als reptes globals. La iniciativa promou una nova mirada sobre realitats com ara l’accés dels refugiats a la universitat i la relació entre el medi ambient i l’art. El Punt Avui, 30 Jul 2017. El potencial de Barcelona para ser un ‘hub’ en políticas públicas internacionales. Es imprescindible fomentar y crear incentivos para que tanto fundaciones, ‘think tanks’ y organizaciones internacionales puedan establecerse en la ciudad. La Vanguardia, 4 Sept 2017.

BIPP HUB is a great opportunity for organisations that are starting out to work alongside others in a similar position and to share costs and resources. Beyond this, it creates an environment that helps not just settle in Barcelona but to prosper. Establishing any new organisation involves risks but by locating in BIPP HUB it is possible to reduce the challenges and focus on your mission. It is an innovation that puts Barcelona at the forefront of European cities in supporting the non-profit sector. Robert Templer Director, Higher Education Alliance for Refugees

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PUBLICATIONS PUBLICATIONS BY RESIDENTS ICTs & EU civilian peacebuilding: Reflections on good practices, opportunities and challenges (2016) written by Jennifer Gaskell, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Build Up. Published by The London School of Economics and Political Science. Available here. Colombia 50 Years Later: The 2016 Transition to Peace (2017) edited by Eduardo Álvarez Vanegas, Francesc Badia i Dalmases & Piers Purdy. Published by democrciaAbierta. Available here. The ecosystem of an open democracy (2017) edited by Francesc Badia i Dalmases and Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí. Published by apps4citizens and democraciaAbierta. Available here. “The Barcelona I know will rise stronger after this day of horror”, Francesc Badia i Dalmases. This devastating attack comes at a very delicate political moment, but it has united Barcelonians, Catalans and other Spaniards in revulsion and sorrow. The Guardian, 18 Aug 2017.

I applied to intern with the Higher Education Alliance for Refugees because, as the first generation in my family to go to college, I personally value higher education access and believe it is crucial to remove barriers preventing refugees from continuing their education. While conducting research on the challenges refugees face in the university admission process, I am surrounded by a community of international public policy practitioners of BIPP Hub who nurture an innovative and creative atmosphere. Nora Palandjian, 2017 Intern, HEAR

PROFILES Lluís Domènech i Montaner Room, Administration Pavilion.


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BECOMING A RESIDENT BIPP HUB offers prestigious workspace and professional services to individuals and organisations – from start-ups to established entities – working on global challenges. Our membership rates are very competitive and are intended ensure that our high quality spaces are accessible to NGOs, and independent professionals. If you are interested in becoming a BIPP HUB resident, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at info@bipphub.org.

USING OUR SERVICES BIPP HUB’s services are available to the entire Barcelona community, including nonresidents. These include use of our meeting spaces, event hosting, incubating NGO and social enterprise start-ups, consulting as well as administrative services. Our rates are very competitive and are intended to ensure that our services are affordable to NGOs, and independent professionals. If you would like to learn more about how you or your organisation can benefit from BIPP HUB services, please contact us at info@bipphub.org. 

During five intense days, we learned about Politics and Economics and its dynamics: we were taught terms such as International Relations, Democracy, Security or Development, which we all had used before without really understanding. We explored and looked from different perspectives at the current global issues such as Climate Change and Refugees, and we also discovered new topics like Transnational Justice and Peacebuilding. All of this was made possible by a great team of speakers who, throughout the sessions, gave us an insight of their field and passed on their passion. While we worked and prepared the presentation for our Case Study —about an imaginary African state, Burunda— we learned about time management, team work, to voice our own opinion and to be creative critical thinkers. I had a great time in the GASS Programme and by the fifth and last day, I found myself with more straightforward communication skills and a bit less fear to public speaking, surrounded by peers that questioned things that maybe I had not thought about, having had a glimpse of University life, and full of acquired concepts and terms that now help me understand not only an article on a newspaper, but the dynamic world we live in. Rita Costa, 2017 Participant, GASS Programme

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