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‘’The Power of Positive Photography’’ Think BIG, be POSITIVE and let’s CLICK

My inspiration to write a bit here for my dedication, passion, love of my Photography. A few weeks ago while on my lunch break at work, a co-worker commented that she noticed that my photography side of life was starting to blossom and get busier and she asked if I knew why it was suddenly getting so much busier. I smiled and just said, “it’s all in the power of positive thinking!”

Identity_©_ photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob ‘’Photography is such an art that goes all together with science, art, philosophy and history’. ’Creation” does not follow any perimeter. I always think life is beautiful but we have to search it to find out the beauty of life. I also believe that every life has a meaning but if anybody failed to understand the meaning of life than it creates problem to the people. So, I believe that I know what I do and I want to focus undisclosed life through my photography in our surrounding. I am not fascinated to converse about our perception of place by changing our orientation and perspective, repositioning us on the two-dimensional ground plane. It is harder to elevate ourselves in the third dimension to achieve a broader vision and see larger spatial relationships. Photography helps to reveal the implications of particular landscapes and environments. I always

Freedom_Š_ photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob pray to almighty to eradicate the imbalance attitude, political turmoil, unrest situation & economic unstable from our society. I attribute to having an optimistic viewpoint and wish to see well in the world.

We are blessed with lots of good things although there are hundreds of faults in our society but it might be focused to prove their beauties. I want to find out the inner beauty and the beautification of the human life. Photography is a powerful way of collecting, analyzing, and sharing visual information about our cultural landscapes past, present, and future.

Lonely boatman _Š_ photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob From my point of view about Bangladeshi average photography without some exceptions. I think it can be divided in two types. There are first professional photographers who mainly use traditional techniques and who attach importance to composition and color, and whose attempts are to seize the society’s developments. Then there are the contemporary artists-photographers from the dynamic art scene of history, science, culture, literature, traditions etc. along with the whole aesthetics of photography with the technology and the common sense who possess an insightful viewpoint on the society, who use digital techniques, and who consequently create artworks that reflect the spirit of our time. The general principle behind positive thinking is simple, that through the law of attraction, if you give out positive energy and thoughts in your life those exact things will be returned to you. Happiness inspires happiness, kindness leads to kindness and so on. I’m sure that some of you are probably rolling your eyes or thinking that I expect the world to live in an ideal manner but the whole meaning behind this post and in talking about this is to hopefully continue to share a sense of positivity and happiness.

Harmony _Š_ photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob

Speed _©_ photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob One of my personal songs and favorite quotes is one which states: “You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.” I have taken this advice so much to heart that I have it in ink on my wrist to remind me that the only change that I can make is the one through my own mind, my own heart and my own hands. If I want the world to be a more accepting place, I need to be that accepting place, if I want people to see a more whimsical side to the world, I need to be someone who creates that. Those three simple words, be the Change, have done just that…..changed my life. I thought to myself that “this year is going to be the year that something changes, that my photography becomes what I’ve been working toward” and I’m happy to say that it seems to be happening. Surely I may not be working for magazines, newspapers or holding any position with any famous photography related organization nationally, but I’m moving in a direction that feels 100% right and that feels so positive and supportive that it inspires me to keep creating within my creation.

Love _©_ photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob A few years ago I found myself at a point in my life where I wasn’t too sure of who I was or what I wanted, I didn’t know where I belonged in the world. Then, through my involvement with photography I initiated to see that instead of waiting to see where life was going to take me, I needed to become the captain of my own ship and steer it in the direction I wanted. Ever since that first cycling trip I’ve attempted to become that change that I wanted. Through positive thinking I feel that I’ve been able to grow into the person that I wanted to be, someone who believes in the power of the human spirit, someone who believes in community and the goodness in people and someone who creates to not only express myself but also to provide an opportunity for others to feel happy.

Perspective_Š_photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob

Beauty_©_photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob Practically every time I consider about how lucky I am to have the capability to express myself in the way that I do, I’m eternally thankful for the support from my family, friends and my wellwishers. My special gratitude to all of you and for the motivation and encouragement that I feel from the world every single day. The world is good place filled with beautiful and kind people and I’m determined to keep it that way Every individual wants to create some handsome work & “Handsome is that Handsome Does”. Eighty-five percent of all the ingredients of photography are encompassed by this simple act. The mother has an intimate knowledge of her subject; she is the expert on that child. She is enthusiastic in her love of the subject. There is no thought of self or creativity, although both are intimately present. The snap was made without concern for technique. These are the ingredients which should be present in the acts of all photographers, no matter how sophisticated, yet they are the very ones which are too often ignored. I always look after the photography as the combination of art, philosophy, history and science. Because a photograph became history when you can mix with it science without using scientific method you cannot bring it inner side of a photograph and if anybody wanted to create a classic thing he must have to know the rules and regulations of the photography.

Life_©_photographer_M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob In addition I found many other ways of using his talents to bless the lives of others including shooting photos for different research works. "I always look after the photography as the combination of art and science because a photograph became history & culture when anyone can mix with it science. Without using scientific method you cannot bring it inner side in classic." All is well .Nothing to say specially but I would appreciate enough if the reader’s feedback my negative things regarding my photography through this link: and in Facebook: or you can write me through the given email address below.

Thank you very much, thanks all. Happy CLICKING.

Regards. Photographer M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob

Positive _ photography_ M.M. Zahidur Rahman Biplob  

The angel of view about photography from my view. I try to make photography positively for the audience of photographic world.

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