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Virtual Colonoscopy Case Study

3DnetMedical Collaboration through Advanced Medical Imaging

Virtual Colonoscopy with nothing but your browser

Practicing at two hospitals and a private clinic, Dr JD can access a copy of all his cases from a single repository, held securely online, wherever he has an internet connection. He can work from home without the bother of VPN, special software or software licenses. He simply logs onto 3DnetMedical, creates a report and it’s sent back to PACS/RIS automatically. When he’s not working from his home PC, he has access to the same tools and cases via his notebook. He can also access images from his iPad as they come in. There’s no installation necessary to try the application, simply visit More information on 3DnetMedical can be downloaded here

Biotronics3D 0207 093 0903 London, E14 9YT

Virtual Colonoscopy  

Biotronics3D has put their Virtual Colonoscopy application in the 3DnetMedical cloud. Users simply need to visit the site to have the full f...

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