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written on: April 19, 2014

Purchase top-notch quality diagnostic kits and reagents at competitive rates The following content is all about the service providers that develops diagnostic kits and reagents at very competitive rates.

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written by: Biotron Diagonstic


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Categories: Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

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In today's era, there is a rapid advancement in the medical field. Various diagnostic reagents and kits are now available in the market that help healthcare providers improve the quality of care. Basically these types of kits are used in medical laboratories, hospitals, health care, research institutions and pharmaceutical industries. In order to get the best quality products, you can take the help of the internet to find the reliable service providers that are recognized for selling a complete line of products at very competitive rates. However, there are many reputable service providers that develop, sell, design, produce and market a complete line of diagnostic reagents and kits. The company has been in the business for over 30 years and have earned a reputation for high quality, innovation and performance. The objective is to continue maintaining high quality standards using the latest discoveries, inventions and technologies to develop products. The chemists, biologists and medical doctors have vast knowledge and experience in high quality product development. open in browser PRO version

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All their diagnostic kits and reagents are produced using the GMP rules and regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration. The products are marketed in and legally exported from the USA. The company is committed to cost effectiveness and quality in the biotechnology field. They continue to provide high quality standard IVD Kits and Reagents while meeting the ever-changing needs of the IVD industry. The company has three international branches and other worldwide distribution network. Having several years of experience in the business, this is a well-known Pharmaceutical Industry USA. The experts develops, produces, provides OEM services and distributes low cost quality diagnostic kits and reagents for rapid test diagnostics, drug screening, serology, point of care, pregnancy, urinalysis, fertility, hematology, diabetes, home testing, infectious diseases, coagulation reagents, clinical chemistry, immuno chemistry, cancer markers, Elisa, bulk clinical chemistry & coagulation reagents for instruments, cardiac tests, histology and cytology, chemiluminescent substrates & immunoassay kits, specialty controls, microbiology, and veterinary test kits. As per the Research institutes California, the products are currently being sold to institutions such as NIH, CDC, Research Centers, Prestigious Universities, Cancer Research institutions and other Government and Prestigious Private Hospitals. They have been certified as a US Government Supply Administration Federal Vendor. All products are available at competitive rates. As a well renowned service provider they are engaged in the early product development, per-clinical and clinical research leading to developing genetic and point-of-cabinetmaker open in browser PRO version

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detection technology for personalized medicine. For getting complete details about Trading Partner registration, you can log on to their website. Feel free to contact them To get more information about Medical Laboratories and Healthcare Industry you can visit our website

Author Biotron Diagonstic


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Research institutes california  

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