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Resveratrol Bioavailability. Is your $20 ‘bargain’ resveratrol costing you the equivalent of $480 a bottle? There are three critical challenges in producing the ultimate value resveratrol supplement: preventing loss of potency; enhancing bioavailability; and graduating the release over 12 hours, versus 1 hour for standard supplements. What is the so-called red wine miracle molecule? If you’re new to the resveratrol story, here’s a quick introduction. Resveratrol is acknowledged by scientists and nutritionists as a plant molecule which is highly beneficial to human health. Over 6,500 published research studies confirm the protection resveratrol offers against the adverse conditions which accompany age and obesity, the main causes of mortality in people nowadays. Resveratrol is contained in wine, particularly red wine, but the amount of wine you’d need to drink for a meaningful dose of resveratrol would be life threatening. It takes over 50 bottles to get the 500mg of resveratrol that Biotivia puts in a single, alcohol-free capsule.

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So here’s the three steps Biotivia follows to provide the ultimate resveratrol supplement. Read on to see how Biotivia Transmax TR can provide 24x the efficacy and value of budget resveratrol supplements.

Step one. Polyphenol blend gives 200% more bioavailability. Resveratrol belongs to a class of plant molecules called polyphenols. Working with the medical research community, Biotivia discovered that creating a blend of potent natural polyphenols increases the amount of resveratrol the body can absorb by 200%. In other words, Biotivia’s proprietary blend immediately doubles the value for money - - and the health benefits - - which consumers receive. This increase was confirmed by the NY Better Business Bureau experts. Step two. Preserving product quality in transit. Resveratrol has two big enemies: oxygen and UV light. Both cause the molecule to deteriorate. Biotivia overcomes the oxygen issue by using a nitrogen-flushed processing plant, and puts a unique patented oxygen-absorbing sachet in every bottle. And to prevent UV degradation of the product, the company uses UVfiltering material for the bottles, plus high-quality, vegetarian Pfizer capsules. Combined, these special measures preserve the efficacy of the product during transit to the consumer. In fact the sachet even continues to absorb the oxygen which enters the bottle each time a capsule is taken out. Step three. Sustained Biorelease delivers a full 12-hour dose of resveratrol. Biotivia’s Transmax Time Release product takes an extra step by slowly releasing resveratrol molecules into the blood stream as the product passes through the digestive system. Biotivia has developed a process which coats the molecules in differing thicknesses of a natural plant coating. This means the coating dissolves at different times, which leads to a sustained 12-hour release of resveratrol into the blood. Standard resveratrol is cleared from your body in about 2 hours. Each Transmax TR capsule gives around 24 hours of bioavailable resveratrol. This increase in the time resveratrol stays in your body dramatically improves its

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Summary. Transmax gives x2 bioavailability and x12 biorelease. Compared to lower quality supplements, Biotivia’s Transmax TR has significant health and value advantages. This unique product doubles the bioavailability of the resveratrol molecule by presenting it as a polyphenol complex … and gives you 12-hour release versus competitors’ one hour release. Simply put, to arrive at the real cost of their health care, consumers should multiply the price of a ‘bargain’ resveratrol product by 24 (2x12) in order to compare the seemingly cheaper product with Transmax TR. So if you currently buy a standard 50mg resveratrol supplement for, say, $20 … then you’d need to buy 24 bottles to get the actual health benefits of one bottle of Transmax TR. That’s $480 … compared to $84.95 for a two-month bottle of Transmax TR! Biotivia experience and technology combine to bring greater benefits to you.

Super Premium Transmax TR. Money back guarantee. Buy now and save 15%. A two-month, 60-capsule bottle of Transmax TR costs US$ 84.95 (Euros 72.21) with a 15% discount available for multiple purchases. Until November 15th, 2012, Biotivia is offering Transmax TR at the same price as regular Transmax. If you make a recurring order you can even lock-in the multi-bottle price for single-bottle purchases, for as long as you like. This is a 15% saving on Biotivia’s ultra premium resveratrol supplement. Recurring orders give a priority delivery guarantee and a price discount, and you can cancel or pause the recurring order at any time.

The product is available for worldwide delivery from Biotivia’s secure shopping cart and comes with a noquibble, 100% money-back guarantee. Read more: transmaxtr.html

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