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Product Application: It’s widely used in agriculture production and research. Canopy light resources surveying. Test ray- intercept in the plant canopy. The relations in the study of the sample growth, quality and light utilization. The products can test photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) in 400nm – 700nm wave band. The unit is µmols-1m-2. Characteristics: Integrated design of the screen, key, SD memory card and measurement probe rod. Easy to operate and carry. SD memory cards have large capacity. It is easy to manage. Auto sleep function. Two mode; Automatic and manual measurement. Automatic time interval is 1 minute at least. Max automatic measurement time is 99 times. The manual measurement is according to actual need. Technical parameters: Test range: 0-2700 µmol m-2s-1 Resolution: 1µmol m-2s-1 Relative difference (response spectrum): < 10% (For Crown) Precision: < measured value of ±0.5% ±1 word Accuracy: < measured value of ±5% ±1 word (According to NIM standard) Automatic collection interval: 1-99 minutes optional Automatic collection times: 1-99 times Data storage capacity: 2GB (Standard SD memory cards) The product length: 75cm Measurement probe length: 50cm Sensor number: 25 (standard) Power: 2 AA battery Working temperature: 0° C – 60° C, 100% relative humidity Stability: Variation in one year < ±2%

Biosystems Comércio, Imp. e Exp. de Equip. para Laboratório Rua Theodoro Makiolka, 885, Santa Cândida, Curitiba – PR - CEP: 82640-010. E-commerce: E-mail:


Analisador de atividade fotossintética em comprimento de onda (400NM – 700NM) para uso em agricultura.

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