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The MEKU Baermann funnel station is a laboratory aid for use in nematological applications. The equipment makes it easier to separate free living nematodes from soil samples. The equipment operates according to the Baermann principle and can be used fro dry as well as wet samples. Empirical data relating to time requirements and water quality may be taken from the relevant literature.

Specification: Station: 5 Strainer diameter: Ø140/150mm, Höhe 40mm Mesh width: 1mm Dimensions: B = 900mm, T = 320mm, H = 530mm Weight: about 25 kg Standard Equipment: - 5 funnels made of acrylic glas with VA end connector and silicon hose drain spouts - 5 inlet washing strainers made of stainless steel with 1mm mesh width - Base frame made of PVC with sealing valve bridge Options: - 5 test tubes Ø15mm - 1 drain hose NW 20 - Round filter paper Ø135mm, Quality 60g/m²

Order No 9.0272

Specification MEKU Baermann funnel station - includes 5 acrylic glass funnels with sieves,filters and test glasses, manual working cycle

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