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Biodegradable Plastic – A Boon For Sustainability It is a very common thing nowadays to see environmental awareness programs being run by several institutes, companies, non-government organizations and the like, at domestic and global levels, to make people aware about the harm we cause to the earth and ecological balance knowingly as well as unknowingly, due to human activities. “Save environment- save life” are commonly noticed lines appearing in environmental awareness campaigns. Global summits are organized by political leaders of different nations to take necessary steps for reducing the impact of their country’s activities on to the existing environmental conditions. One of the heavily discussed matters in these summits is the increasing use of plastic and its impact on the planet. The use of plastic has become one of the necessities of life today. Almost everything that we purchase these days comes wrapped in either multiple layers of plastic or in plastic laminated papers. These objects end up creating a huge problem for our eco-system, as nature’s forces are powerless when it comes to disintegrating plastic back into the elements. What is more, recycling of plastic is not economically viable as it requires more energy than what was used to produce it in the first place! And on top of all this, much of the plastic we put in the blue bin is not fit to be recycled anyways and eventually ends up in landfills regardless. One of the best ways for us to be eco-friendly is not by making new environmentally friendly products available. The answer is to find existing eco-solutions for things we are already using. One of those answers is biodegradable plastic! The new environmental policies, societal concerns and mounting environmental awareness have triggered the search for new products that are compatible with the environment. In the past few years, both 2the authorities & the general public have been strongly attracted to the concept and perceived environmental advantages of renewable resource based plastics and/or biodegradable plastics. Biodegradable plastics are different because they can be biologically broken down, in a reasonable amount of time, into their base compounds. In the current markets, biodegradable plastics are available in one of the two main types. Either they're made of organic material derived from the starches of plants or cellulose, or they are made up of a biodegradable additive which is blended with traditional plastics causing it to break down and disintegrate naturally, once exposed to the elements. Scientists are searching for the possibility of life on other planets, but nature has provided us with enough space to live right here on the earth. Our small mistakes and carelessness can convert this beautiful and full of life planet into lifeless place. And the adoption of minor changes in our habits like insisting on the use of biodegradable plastic can make it a beautiful and healthy place to live. By altering the material used in industrial and commercial processes from standard to biodegradable plastic, the business sector can also contribute towards the betterment of the environment. Together we can make this planet a sustainably beautiful and healthy place to live in.

Biosphere’s Plastic Additives – 5 Times Faster In Biodegradation Than Other Industry Products Environmental enthusiasts and supporters of the sustainable living revolution have much to smile about this year. The latest development in the field will go a long way towards reducing the impact of human activity on planet Earth with the use of biodegradable plastics. Test results have now confirmed BioSphere’s plastic additive to cause PET trays and bottles to naturally disintegrate 5 times faster than other products in the industry. This is a huge leap forward in the world of biodegradable plastics and related products. There are very few business entities in the world who can proudly say that they work solely for the benefit of the environment and protecting planet Earth from human harm. BioSphere Plastic is one company that tops that list. This revolutionary organization manufactures biodegradable plastic additives, which makes plastic disintegrate naturally into the environment, helping solve the huge garbage disposal problem that the world is facing today. “The test results, which have been tested by a 3rd party testing lab Eden Labs out of Albuquerque, NM, tested the PET containers using the ASTM D5511 testing method. The 3rd party lab owner Thomas Poth has stated that these test results are “Very Good”, with sustained biodegradation these PET containers will biodegrade in less than 7 months. BioSphere biodegradable plastic enhances the hydrolysis phase of biodegradation within days. No other technology can achieve such quick results of biodegradation in the industry allowing, BioSphere to be on the top of the charts for biodegradation and the most cost affordable solution in the marketplace for biodegradable plastic.” explains the owner of BioSphere Plastic LLC. While being tested, the biodegradable plastic additive used by BioSphere caused the PET trays and bottles being tested to biodegrade 15.8% biodegradation in just 27 days. These revolutionary results are 5 times faster than other products in the industry with a price that is a fraction compared to other technologies. Truly this is one news we should all celebrate! For more information about the company and the biodegradable plastic additives they manufacture, please visit the website

Contact Information BioSphere Plastic LLC 4804 NW Bethany Blvd STE I-2, 233 97229-4982 Portland, Oregon USA Telephone:+1 503 530 8674 E-mail: Website:

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