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Why You Should Opt For Biodegradable Products ! The proponents of going green have been emphasizing the need for use of biodegradable plastic and for good reason. The problem involving landfills is becoming a major one in recent times. In such a scenario, the only option is to go for these products, which can easily decompose in nature without putting pressure on the environment. Here are some compelling reasons why going for such eco-friendly products makes sense. Faster decomposition Biodegradable products decompose faster which is not possible with your regular plastic. By switching over to eco-friendly alternatives, you can do your bit to reduce the pressure on the environment. If you want to get rid of plastic tons that make our landfills overflow there is no other alternative than switching to green options TODAY. Renewable resource Such products are renewable since they are completely organic in constitution. Their origin is from biomass, which can be of different varieties including grass, trees, plants, meat, and animal fat, along with various tissues. All these decompose easily and do not put pressure on the environment. Ideal for environment This is a well-known fact that biodegradable plastics do not harm the environment in any format. Rather, it is good for the world around. You can use it without problems and once it outgrows its need, discarding them is easy. It either can be recycled again for use or decomposes with the soil without leaving any trace behind. Therefore, if you love the environment, switch to such products immediately and inspire others to do the same. Less energy for production It is interesting to note that non-biodegradable products have higher energy requirements during the production stage compared to their biodegradable counterparts. This difference is clear from the fact that by using same levels of energy you can produce twice the amounts of eco-friendly bags and other items. Recycling is easy Recycling decomposable products is far easier than your regular plastic. This is because it is organic in nature with faster decomposing qualities. Again recycling them requires less consumption of energy and this makes it a desirable and cost-effective procedure compared to the recycling of traditional plastics. Non-toxicity Non-toxicity of the products is another fantastic advantage of degradable plastics that make them an ideal choice for regular use. You can keep anything including foodstuff inside without worrying about chemicals in the product. Again, during their breakdown process, regular plastic releases toxins in the environment. This is completely absent in the case of biodegradable products making them safer than any other available option. Saving the non-renewable sources Another compelling reason for switching to biodegradable products is that it does away with the dependency on non-renewable sources of energy including fossil fuels. The drive against plastic has to be a large-scale one in order to be appropriately successful. Manufacturers can even go for a fantastic biodegradable plastic additivethat can be added to regular plastic products to make them degradable. With options increasing, it is time to embrace new and effective green technologies and make this PLASTIC FREE world.

Biosphere Announces Liquid Additive For Enhancing Biodegradability BioSphere, a rapidly growing company related to biodegradable additives, recently announced the release of its interesting new liquid introduction with high efficiency. The presence of a biodegradable plastic additive is not a new phenomenon because it has been around since the 90s. However, its state-of-the-art liquid counterpart certainly expands the scope for ‘Go Green’ proponents. This new product has thirteen percent solid contents along with hundred percent active ingredients for use in major polymers. Initially considered the manufacture of this interesting product just for the Japanese markets but in recent times, there has been a growing demand from various parts of the world. No wonder the company quickly modified its marketing strategies and developed ways to popularize it across the globe. Now customers worldwide can access this biodegradable liquid plastic additive formulation. With stress on biodegradable plastic and environmentalists, clamoring for the same, rapid technology growth for eco-friendly products is on the rise everywhere. This Pro-Green company is making its own contributions in this regard with its new introduction in the market. Utilization of this liquid additive formulation is one percent of final product total weight; manufacturers can easily mix it up with various polymer types, and this includes polyurethanes. This biodegradable additive has high thermo stability, is clear, and has a low viscosity. All these features allow multiple avenues, which end users can explore. This product is available through direct marketing to manufacturers and distribution through various channels based on the situation. Riding on its recent successes, BioSpherePlastic is working with well-known corporations in providing alternatives for currently available technologies. For more information about the company and the biodegradable plastic additives they manufacture, please visit the website

Contact Information BioSphere Plastic LLC 97229-4982 Portland, Oregon USA Telephone: +1 503 530 8674 E-mail: Website:

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