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The easiest way to store, manage and track samples

KIT composition: - 500 units of CryoGen tubes (different models) with linear bar code in the body

- High performance scanner

-Samples Quick software

- User manual

CryoGen速 Tubes features

Scanner features

On request: Cordless Scanner

Samples Quick Software features

Strenghts - Economic and affordable price - High quality level certified tubes with lasered barcode

- Easy and intuitive software

Clients target • • • • • • • • •

Pharmaceutical industry Chemical & oil industry Contract research industry Environmental laboratory Food & Beverage industry Forensics Clinical: Microbiology, Transfusion, Histology… Cosmetics Veterinary

Great success and rapid response from the worldwide market Europe - Germany - Romania - Turkey North africa - Tunisia Asia - Philippines - Taiwan

Accessories: CryoGen® Boxes with 1D barcode for automatic storage

Barcode “code 128A” lasered on rack side.

Numerical grid both on lid and bottom.

Possibility to order transparent numerical grids in PC (25, 81, 100) separatly. 25 places

81 places LOW

81 places HIGH

100 places

Cap Disks for internal and external screw caps. - Easily snap into screw-top caps (both internal and external) - Ideal for color coding samples - 6 colors available

Workstation for CryoGen速 Tubes Workstation for CryoGen 速 tubes, 40 holes, in polycarbonate, available in 3 colors, autoclavable. Useful for screwing and unscrewing the tube directly on the bench with a single hand, avoiding possible contamination.


Available in 4 versions

Available in 4 versions

4Banking™ Presentation  
4Banking™ Presentation