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Herniated disc therapy is a niche sector of the back pain industry and is one of the most commonly sought dorsopathy solutions. Herniated discs are incredibly common spinal abnormalities which have traditionally been blamed for sourcing chronic and recurrent acute pain in countless millions of patients worldwide. In recent years, medical science is finally realizing that herniated discs are only occasionally linked to any symptoms and are rarely the true causation of chronic back pain. For as long as doctors could visualize spinal discs using diagnostic imaging studies, herniated discs have been the ideal back pain scapegoat condition. Since disc pathologies are incredibly common in the lumbar and cervical regions, there is a very good chance that any particular patient will demonstrate their existence, whether or not they might endure back pain. However, this is a recent development in medical knowledge, since in years past, herniated discs were only generally seen in patients with back pain and were therefore deemed to be the likely culprit. Now that diagnostic imaging is widespread, doctors have learned that herniated discs exist in as many patients without back pain as those who do suffer from it. Additionally, even symptoms which seem to fit the classic disc pathology profile often exist in patients who do not actually have a herniated intervertebral disc. Of the usual herniated disc therapy options, the overwhelming majority are purely symptomatic in nature. Symptomatic pain treatment is a huge problem, simply because most patients do not understand that these modalities are not designed to cure anything. Patients seek care looking for permanent relief and most never comprehend that the treatments offered are not going to cure them, no matter how long they spend in therapy or how much effort they put into their own care. This is one of my biggest complaints with service providers who work in the back pain industry. I have simply seen far too many physical therapists, chiropractors and pharmaceutically obsessed physicians who treat patients causally with methods which amount to little more than taking an aspirin... Now, if symptomatic treatment was all that was available, then his would be fine, as long as the patient was informed of the need for ongoing care and the extremely small likelihood of ever finding a cure. In my experience, this aspect of care is universally and systematically overlooked and patients wonder why they still have pain after year's worth of care. This is nothing short of unethical and sometimes borders on criminal behavior on the part of opportunistic back pain specialists. I routinely advise patients to learn all they can about their diagnosed conditions, as well as the treatments offered, from the very beginning of their care. Experience has taught me that the longer patients wait to take an active role in their own care, the longer they will suffer unnecessarily. I learned this bitter lesson from my own 18 year journey being tossed throughout the medical system like a rag doll. I never questioned what was told to me by my doctors until I finally had

enough and went about educating myself all about back pain in a way which insured I would never be lied to again... I can only say to all who are still suffering that the more you know about your treatment options and your diagnosed condition, the better your chances of achieving a pain-free life and not falling victim to the profit driven medical industry. Remember, the key word here is industry... Medicine is big business and doctors are business people out to make money. Herniated disc care is one of the most profitable in the back pain sector and in general, back pain is one of the most profitable niches in the medical field. Patients should be warned that their health may not be top priority when it comes to the types of care recommended...

Sensei Adam Rostocki suffered with crippling pain for 18 years. Sensei Rostocki is the author of the popular self help book, "Cure Back Pain Forever" (ISBN 1-59971-997-5). His Herniated Disc website provides honest and understandable information about a wide range of problematic disc concerns including Herniated Disc Therapy.

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==== ==== Manage Lumbar Disc Hernia Withought Surgery ==== ====

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