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Gouwestraat 11 2407 bb alphen aan den rijn The Netherlands For more information:

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the next step in geriatric physiotherapy

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SilverFit: essential equipment for geriatric physiotherapists The SilverFit is a rehabilitation system that uses computer games to train people. The game-based exercises create tremendous positive emotions. Patients and carecenters also benefit physically: with the SilverFit, your treatment center provides more hours of exercise at a lower cost per hour. The scientific concept underlying the SilverFit is known as ‘virtual rehabilitation’. The SilverFit provides a wide range of large motor exercises that meet international guidelines. These exercises have been converted into computer games so that patients enjoy doing them.

‘Let me put it like this: this kind of therapy is really fun!’ Mr. Van Meerendonk, SilverFit user

Specifically developed for seniors The SilverFit has been specifically developed to meet the needs of elderly patients during rehabilitation treatment. The exercises are based on large motor movements that are required in many treatment protocols, such as post-cva, post-orthopedic, and fall prevention. The system is also perfectly suited for elderly fitness. The intensity of the exercises is fully adjustable and can be set at a very low level. This makes the SilverFit suitable for a far wider range of users than commercial gaming computers.

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Stimulates natural movement While exercising on the SilverFit system, the patient’s attention is focused on achieving higher game scores, not on the the movement itself. This leads to more natural, unconscious movements. The patient often discovers that he can achieve much more than he thought possible. The SilverFit is also less predictable than traditional exercises, so the patient must react to the changing situation in the game. Scientific studies show that patients change their body position twice as often with the SilverFit compared to traditional exercises.

Training options Exercises while seated

Wheelchair control

Walking exercises

Arm exercises

Balance exercises

Cardio exercises

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‘This system makes patients realize how much more they can do than they originally thought’ Rolf van der Burgt, physiotherapist Used daily The SilverFit system is used extensively by physiotherapists. Our customers use their system on more than 95% of days, giving it a higher utilization than, for example, a treadmill, pulley or bicycle.

Higher quality at same cost The SilverFit system can be used by patients without supervision in some cases. In daily use, the SilverFit gives 25-30% more effective treatment time per physiotherapist. This is a big benefit, given that many nursing homes can currently offer their cva patients less than 40% of the physiotherapy hours recommended by scientists.

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Ενημερωτικό έντυπο_SilverFit  

29-09-2009 11:46:49 05.Silverfit.brochure.GB3.indd 1 Gouwestraat 11 2407 bb alphen aan den rijn The Netherlands For more information: maaike...

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