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Advanced therapy for knee injuries KNEEHAB® is a unique, innovative and clinically proven*, garment-based Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) product designed specifically to treat quadriceps atrophy (thigh muscle wastage). Clinical research has shown EMS technology to be an effective treatment for quadriceps atrophy which is associated with almost all knee injuries and that the use of KNEEHAB can significantly reduce post operative rehabilitation time.

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Product Overview 1. KNEEHAB Controller: Dual channel, user friendly design for ease of use. 2. Controller holder: Once settings are fixed, controller can be easily secured. 3. Plug & Play: Connection point between KNEEHAB controller and garment. 4. KNEEHAB garment: There’s one for each leg. Functions as application aid for anatomically shaped electrodes which affix to underside of garment (not illustrated). 5. Alignment/positioning guide.

About EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation re-educates the muscle by sending gentle electrical pulses through pads placed on the surface of the skin. This electrical stimulation applied to the motor nerve causes the muscle to contract, helping to strengthen and build up the muscle over time.

About MultipathTM KNEEHAB incorporates Multipath, a patented breakthrough stimulation technology developed by neurotech® which enables KNEEHAB to deliver highly focused, accurately coordinated and comfortable quadriceps contractions.

Multipath Sequence

How can KNEEHAB help rehabilitate the knee?






Channel 1 A+B+D / C


Channel 2 (Delayed) Stage 1: A / B+C Stage 2: A / D

KNEEHAB works by re-educating and strengthening the quadriceps muscle through cycles of contraction and relaxation. It can be used to improve joint stability and treat quadriceps atrophy resulting from a wide range of conditions affecting the knee including ligament injury, dislocation, fracture, osteoarthritis and stroke. It can be used to help avoid or delay surgery and where surgery is required it can accelerate post operative rehabilitation. * Dr. H.H. Pässler (M.A.) & Dr. Sven Fiel, (M.A.), Centre for Knee and Foot Surgery, Sports Traumatology, ATOS Clinic Centre, Heidelberg, Germany: “The effectiveness of Kneehab in strengthening the quadriceps of patients rehabilitating after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction”, Heidelberg 2006.

Kneehab Info Sheet:Confidence XP GA



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Advanced therapy for knee injuries KNEEHAB® Feature:


Pad carrier garment, with printed pad positioning indicators

+ Neat and tidy unit with no unsightly/inconvenient cables. The Printed indicators ensure exact and correct pad placement ensuring optimum results and maximum compliance.

Large patented anatomically shaped pads

+ Maximises recruitment of the correct muscle fibres. Ensures even load dispersion and helps optimize recruitment comfort.

Robust, attachable, easy to operate + Ideal for patient rentals or sales, clearly laid out operator interface, control unit with LCD display minimal complexity for greater patient acceptance and compliance. Operator unit status and progress + Motivates patient to complete protocol and helps maximize compliance feedback information via on screen icons Multipath stimulation technology

+ Allows for optimal muscle fibre recruitment sequence and stronger yet comfortable contractions. It also enables intelligent targeting of specific parts of the atrophied muscle for optimal results.

3 Programmes

+ Allows for optimal choice of rehabilitation parameters and faster recovery.

Load Sensor

+ Increased safety. KNEEHAB monitors the quality of the circuit and automatically cuts off the unit if the quality of the contact with the skin is impaired.

Compliance monitor

+ Enables the clinician to monitor compliance between visits. Easily accessed at the touch of a button, the medical practitioner can see how many times the device has been used, the total treatment time achieved and the average intensity of the treatment.

Uses rechargeable batteries/ charger supplied

+ Convenience and reduced cost for patients and payors.

Programme Table Prog.


Frequency Contract Sec. Relax Sec.


50 Hz




35 Hz




50 Hz



Note: All programmes have a trigger delay of 1 second between channels 1 and 2. This means channel 1 starts its ramp up 1.5 second before channel 2 and starts its ramp down 0.5 second after channel 2. All programmes are of 20 minutes duration.

Customer Carelines: Republic Of Ireland:

Freephone: 1800 511 511

N. Ireland/ UK:

Lo-Call: 0845 600 1332

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KNEEHAB used on subject’s right leg Conventional EMS used on subject’s left leg

The Power of KNEEHAB KNEEHAB induced torque over successive contractions fast and comfortably achieved.


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