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Waste Water Treatment Systems

“Water is the driving force in nature.� - Leonardo da Vinci

Various types of Waste Water Treatment Systems

MicroFAST速 Wastewater Treatment Systems MicroFAST速 waste water treatment systems come in eight specific sizes based on daily wastewater usage.

These systems are specially designed for residential strength wastewater MicroFAST速 Available Sizing MicroFAST 0.5 500GPD 1800LPD MicroFAST 0.625 625GPD 2400LPD MicroFAST 0.75 750GPD 2800LPD MicroFAST 0.9 900GPD 3400LPD MicroFAST 1.5 1500GPD 5600LPD MicroFAST 3.0 3000GPD 11400LPD MicroFAST 4.5 4500GPD 17000LPD MicroFAST 9.0 9000GPD 34050LPD

BioBarrier Membrane Bioreactor

This water treatment system is designed to suit the needs of onsite and the decentralized wastewater industry. Simple operation, energy efficient, low sludge production and more makes BioBarrier Membrane Bioreactor the most advanced system on the market. BioBarrier Membrane Bioreactor – Available Sizes Biobarrier® 0.5 500GPD 1892LPD Biobarrier® 1.0 1000GPD 3784LPD Biobarrier® 1.5 1500GPD 5675LPD

BioSTORM Stormwater Treatment Systems

This Pre-engineered storm water treatment system is highly capable of removing trash, sediment, oil and other pollutants from storm water runoff. It consists of self-cleaning deflector screen and a modular separation/coalescing unit The components can either be used separately for different applications or together to make a complete BioSTORM system. BioSTORM® Available Sizes BioSTORM® 0.5 500GPD BioSTORM® 1.0 1000GPD BioSTORM® 1.5 1500GPD K BioSTORM® 3.0 3000GPD BioSTORM® 5.0 5000GPD ; BioSTORM® 10 10000GPD

5675LPD 5675LPD 5675LPD 13500LPD 17034LPD 22712LPD

SaniTEE速 Effluent Screening Device

This system is designed to lessen the suspended solids discharged in septic tank waste. It promotes natural sedimentation and prevents the gas-lifted particles from entering the outlet pipe.

SaniTEE速 is installed by dropping it inside a standard septic tank outlet tee.

ABC® Specialty Clarifiers

When an exceptional level of nitrogen needs to be reduced, the ABC® Specialty Clarifiers can be used. This system combines naturally occurring bacteria with an external carbon source.

ABC®-C ABC®-C 3.0 ABC®-C 9.0

Available Sizes 3000GPD 9000GPD

13160LPD 34053LPD

Need quality advance wastewater systems? Contact Bio-Microbics Call:1-800-753-3278 or International +913 422 0707


Advance Wastewater Systems  

Advance wastewater systems, septic system and storm water treatment systems offer best solutions for decentralized homes, clustered subdivis...

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