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Features: • Revolutionary filtration media for DE filters • Proprietary fiber technology

Still using D.E. in your filter? There’s a better alternative from your BioGuard® dealer.


BioGuard is proud to offer EcoKlean, made from 100% biodegradable cellulose fiber. It’s an environmentally friendly and effective alternative to DE for delivering a diamond like sparkle to your pool. After the first use, filtration run cycles increase by up to 70% when compared to those of D.E. And since EcoKlean is 82% less material by weight than D.E., it creates a smaller, more earth friendly footprint.

• Filtration cycles lasts up to 70% longer with EcoKlean

EcoKlean is easier to use and safer to apply than DE. No longer do you have to pre-mix with water. EcoKlean can be fed directly through the skimmer. In addition, EcoKlean is 100% biodegradable, ensuring hassle free disposal that is safer for the environment. Because you’re recharging your filter less, you’ll use less EcoKlean than you would D.E., so it’s a great value for your money and there will be no more heavy bags to carry.

*Not recommended for use with new plaster

Whether you are using EcoKlean as a filtration media in DE filters or as a filter aid for sand or cartridge filters, it will improve your filtration efficiency while delivering a beautiful sparkle and luster to the water. Talk to your BioGuard dealer today about EcoKlean filter media. 4R^:[TP]˜ Non-toxic Biodegradable No premixing Longer Filtration cycles Backwash Friendly


• Improves water clarity for a brilliant sparkle • Because there’s no pre-mixing necessary during application, it’s easier to apply than D.E. • Unlike D.E. EcoKlean is backwash friendly because it’s biodegradable • 82% less material by weight than D.E. means a smaller footprint and a more environmentally friendly product

BioGuard® EcoKlean™ Replacement Filter Media