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Biosciences from 5,430 Feet Traditional discipline-specific degree programs only provide deep knowledge of a single subject and train students for independent research. The goal of IQ Biology is to provide an opportunity for students to build upon these skills, stimulating creativity and creating a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration.


Example: Engineering strategies to regrow human tissues for regenerative medicine

Image Analysis

Example: Enhancing fluorescent protein techniques to track the invasion of salmonella, which will help light the way to finding cures for infectious outbreaks


Mathematical Biology

Example: De novo design of synthetic enzymes that transform how we approach healthcare and environmental problems

Example: Using dimensionality reduction in forensic metagenomics to help criminal investigators decipher crimes with microbial data

Computational Biology

Example: Personalized medicine developed from an individual’s microbiome

The IQ Biology program strengths lie in five main areas: Mathematical Biology, Computational Biology, Bioengineering, Biophysics, and Image Analysis. Shown are examples within each of these areas of how IQ Biology researchers are creating solutions for biological challenges that require a broad view of science, technology, engineering, and math.


IQ Biology: Reach Higher  

The IQ Biology PhD program offers interdisciplinary quantitative biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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