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OUR WORK WITH YOUR SUPPORT Your membership and donations help the Biodynamic Association to transform the practice and culture of agriculture by: TRAINING NEW FARMERS: Our North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP) trains the next generation of biodynamic farmers through two years of structured on-farm learning and mentoring, classroom coursework, and independent projects. Apprentices benefit from a competency-based training curriculum, 35 carefully selected mentor farms, and access to networking, support, and educational resources. Over 50 beginning farmers are currently enrolled in the program, and more than 35 have graduated to date. SHARING and FOSTERING RESEARCH: Our research program makes available the results of decades of research on biodynamics conducted to date, convenes researchers to foster collaboration, and supports emerging biodynamic research projects and priorities to advance the understanding and practice of biodynamics. ORGANIZING CONFERENCES and EVENTS: We organize the biennial North American Biodynamic Conference, the largest biodynamic gathering in North America, and we partner with other regenerative and organic agricultural organizations to curate and organize biodynamic workshops for national and regional farming conferences such as EcoFarm, PASA, NOFA, the National Young Farmers Conference, and many more. OFFERING ONLINE BIODYNAMIC LEARNING: Our distance-learning courses and webinars give farmers and gardeners across North America and beyond the opportunity to learn from leading biodynamic educators, delve deep into the principles and philosophy of biodynamics and build communities of support among peers. Our “Introduction to Biodynamics” webinar has been viewed more than 1,200 times. PUBLISHING the BIODYNAMICS JOURNAL and BOOKS: Through our Biodynamics journal, in continuous publication since 1941, we share original educational material, research results, and community updates with our members. We also publish seminal biodynamic books, such as Agriculture: Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture by Rudolf Steiner and Gunther Hauk’s Toward Saving the Honeybee. BRIDGING THE AMERICAS: Through this new initiative we are nurturing connections, collaboration, and regionally relevant education among biodynamic practitioners and groups throughout the Americas—Central, South, North, and Caribbean—with a focus on mutually beneficial relationships. SUPPORTING EDUCATION through SCHOLARSHIPS: Since 2010, our Biodynamic Scholarship Fund has provided over $130,000 in scholarship support to more than 600 farmers, apprentices, gardeners, educators, and changemakers to deepen their learning through biodynamic conferences and workshops. CONNECTING the BIODYNAMIC COMMUNITY: Both online and offline, we help thousands of people who are practicing and interested in biodynamics to connect to and learn from one another. Over 100,000 people visit our website every year, and we have more than 60,000 followers on Facebook. Our regional groups listings, online forums, calendar of events, and Biodynamic Directory help biodynamic enthusiasts find local friends and collaborators, jobs, and learning opportunities.

2016 North American Biodynamic Conference - Tierra Viva: Farming the Living Earth  

Conference Program Book

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