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What is involved in a bio-hazard cleanup? • Cautiously assessing the situation to locate the best way to do away with effected items without endangering life. • Items like carpet, walls, flooring, furniture, wallpaper, etc. are removed & disposed in biohazard bags at a federal- and state-regulated site for disposal. • Using a dumpster is against the law.

• State and federal laws require that a biohazard clean-up company store records of who and where items were disposed of, and those stored records should be stored for a minimum of 30 years. • It is best to utilize bio-hazard specialized technicians that have been thoroughly trained and experienced to get rid of hazardous items.

Can I use regular cleaners to remove bio-hazard? • Customary cleaners are NOT potent enough to perform a bio-hazard clean-up. Using hospital grade disinfectants will guarantee certifiably protected premises, with the correct application. Biohazard cleanup is a genuine occupation, and requires the best possible materials, protective equipment, and training.

Can I have an employee, family member, or colleague clean the bio-hazard scene? No employee/family member/colleague can be placed in a position to be exposed to blood spills without first:

• Receiving blood- borne pathogen (BBP) training. • Having a written BBP exposure control plan. • Having been provided personal protective equipment. • Having been offered Hepatitis B vaccine & exposure evaluation and follow-up. • Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the bio-hazardous waste in properly marked containers for disposal at an approved site.

Only after the above 5 steps have been met can an employee be permitted by his or her executive to clean a crime scene. Additionally an organization and its workers must be authorized transporter to transport blood and body fluid from one location to another. And finally, if one is caught / suspected of disposing illegally of blood and body fluid items, the individual will be paying fines or prison time. So it is best to hire a certified and experienced company like BioCleanse to do the bio-hazard job.

Why hire a bio-hazard clean-up company? • Relatives, friends or colleagues who attempt to clean bloo d, hypodermic needles and other bio-hazard find this task either physically or emotionally staggering. Also, cleaning a bio-hazard scene opens up the “cleaning individual” to be in contact with risks associated with blood, tissue and deterioration products etc. • To intensify the issue, the “cleaning individual” most likely will not rightly clean the effected area correctly. This will prompt dangers spreading the contamination and exposing others to pathogens. • For property managers and homeowners, a bio-hazard scene, be it suicide, decomposing body, sewage spill etc. is the last situation they are prepared to handle.

Why call Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd? • We at Bio Cleanse Pty. Ltd. are a professional, full time Bio-Remediation company. We provide a superior service, specializing in the disinfecting of properties affected by a bio-hazard situation. We follow strict health guidelines in the clean-up, removal and disposal of biohazardous/biomedical waste. • Bio Cleanse Pty. Ltd. bio-hazard clean-up division is a proud member of the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA) & National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS).

How much does it cost? • The cost is usually one of the first questions we are asked. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to give an accurate estimate over the phone. We need to come out for an onsite analysis. Every bio-hazard scene differs, so until we know what is involved, we won’t be able to determine the cost. The estimates are affected by the number of technicians needed, to their time needed to complete the clean-up, to the amount of bio-medical waste. We will beat any firms written estimate. Save money, call Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd at 042 741 1789 now!

Caught in a bio-hazard situation? Call Bio Cleanse Pty. Ltd. at 042 741 1789 We are here to help! We serve Goulburn, Canberra, Sydney and surrounding NSW. Schedule an appointment online today!

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