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Native Monty Ambriz, better known as Native, is a Colorado-based Hip Hop artist who delivers vibrant, soulful music with lyrics and crisp rythms that are easy to understand. He is known for his raw, honest style and often comes up with ideas for his songs when alone and fueled by peaks of emotion. His goal: show the world the beautiful music Colorado has to offer. Native discovered his passion for music at a young age rapping to other people’s lyrics for his friends. By 16 he began touring Colorado battling and freestyling, where he was discovered by a DJ named Dominic Deadbeat. Dominic inspired Native to begin officially writing songs and performing sets and he hasn’t stopped yet. Native has developed an ear-catching sound influenced by underground Hip Hop artists including De La Soul, Zion I and other underground Hip Hop artists Since his game-changing collaboration with Dominic Deadbeats, Native has released two albums: Unorthodox Methods and Los Guyz: The Been, Cheese, Cool, Arrows Album. He has been featured in Avon Co. Paper, The Fort Collins Examiner and toured with the infamous Chicharones while collaborating with countless artists including Aklock, Q-bala, Doc Oscify, Dustin Dokter, Ape9, Danny Knight, Improv, Eye Cue, Emily Cassell, Diverge, 2Mex, Onry Ozzborn and Sleep of Oldominion.

Native has raided Colorado performing at popular venues like Hodis Half Fort, The Aggie Theater, The Cork, Outa Bounds, Whiskey River, A F Rays, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and The Black Sheep. He has also graced stages in New Mexico, Idaho, Florida and Montana. Currently, Native is co-owner of an emerging Indie Hip Hop label Sytlefree Records where he records, distributes and manages artists who have worked hard to establish a reputation for themselves. Stylefree Records is at the forefront of the Colorado music scene and dedicated to presenting music in its purest form. Early next year Native will release two new albums collaborating with Black Mask, Dominic Deadbeat and Aklock. Native’s goal is to continue reaching new heights through music and spread the word about the beautiful music scene in Colorado. With a special attention to quality, content and production, he aims to share music that honestly effects people’s lives and how they look at the world. Along with the Stylefree crew, Native strives to make a dramatic impact on the world of underground Hip Hop.

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Alex Knox, more commonly known as Aklock, is an indie Hip Hop and poetry to set the mood for the soundtrack of life. With sides. Since 2002, Aklock has been developing an original poetry-fused Aesop Rock, Ceschi Ramos, Atmosphere, Dj Shadow, Living Legends and Sleep. Aklock keeps Clan,

and the Hieroglyphics.

Wu Tang

Aklock is signed under Colorado record label Stylefree Records and works with three main producers: Maulskull, Smashing Time and Deadbeat. He has toured the country performing in New Mexico, Idaho, Texas, Montana and California and shared Moka Only, Ceschi Ramos, Factor, Mike Eagle and the Chicharones.

base in Colorado performing at venues like Aggie Theater and Hodis Half Note (Fort Collins, CO), Mishawaka (Belvue Colorado), High Dive (Denver, CO) and Three 20 South (Breckinridge Colorado). He has collaborated with Awol One, Ceschi Ramos, Onry Ozzbourne, Los Guyz and Ape 9. Black Mask on an upcoming Eight Years Running, which was released in March 2010. In the future he will release a second album produced by Maulskull called Build Small. Aklock is always developing the quality of his sound and eager to share it with the world.

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