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Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags Enhance your green profile with environmentally friendly biobags We are currently witnessing a growing interest in minimising the use of traditional plastic, both by consumers and, in particular, by politicians too. Several countries have already introduced a general ban on plastic bags in the retail sector. This trend is spreading to other countries in both Europe and the rest of the world. Many companies see an advantage in having a green profile. One way is to use environmentally friendly bags instead of either plastic bags or OXOdegradable plastics that are harmful to the environment. BioBag’s carrier bags in 100% compostable materials can contribute to a company's green profile while at the same time actively helping to improve the environment. With a good conscience, you can use the carrier bags for any purpose and compost them after use. In the future, it will be increasingly important to use materials, which do not affect the environment. Both in the production process and later when they have been used. The carrier bags are based on a large part of renewable resources from plant-based materials. This means less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere, since plants absorb CO2 as they grow, thereby making less of an impact on the environment than in the manufacture of oil-based plastic.

Large environmentally friendly carrier bag.

Small environmentally friendly carrier bag.

About Biobags

Carrier bags on request

The biobags are made of Mater-BiÂŽ, a material that has been certified as compostable in accordance with the European standard EN 13432.

In case you need an environmentally friendly carrier bag with your own design and logo, BioBag can help. We supply the bags in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses to suit all needs.

Mater-BiÂŽ is used for creating products with similar, or even better properties than traditional plastics. By using carrier bags in environmentally friendly materials you show both the outside world and your customers that you have a green profile and support sustainable development.

We can add logos, images or any other profile-oriented messages. The carrier bags are printed in up to 8 colours on two sides. There are also several design options for the bag.

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Environmental facts • Each year, up to 1 billion plastic carrier bags are used worldwide. That is equivalent to 150 bags per year for every single person on Earth. • It takes up to 1,000 years before a plastic carrier bag get broken down in nature. • Plastic dissolves into harmful micro particles, which pollute the soil and ground water and harm wildlife. • In the North Pacific, every year 100,000 sea turtles, whales and other marine mammals die from eating discarded plastic bags, which they confuse with food. • Several countries have already introduced bans on plastic carrier bags. Source:

Environmentally friendly carrier bags in two different sizes.

Large T-shirt carrier bag - 30 l

Small T-shirt carrier bag - 20 l

The back of both carrier bags

Item no.: 181035 Size: 470 x 580 mm Carrying capacity: approx. 9 kg Amount: 500

Item no.: 181037 Size: 410 x 500 mm Carrying capacity: approx. 7 kg Amount: 500

Carrier bags should not be thrown into nature. These two standard carrier bags are also available in our webshop: www.

Carrier bag facts: • The biobags are 100% compostable • The biobags are made from the compostable material, Mater- Bi, which is based on natural materials • The printing ink is completely biodegradable


Certifications The carrier bags are completely compostable and certified according to the European Standard EN 13432


BioBag International Headoffice: BioBag International AS, Hovsveien 8, N-1831 Askim, Norway | Phone: +47 69 88 85 90 | E-mail: