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How To Make Beautiful Indoor Garden ?

Eye-pleasing indoor gardens are always helpful to create a nice ambience. And now it is not a dream to have such garden in your home. With the help of coco coir and coco bricks, you can make a nice garden with ease. Here are few steps to create an indoor garden using coco bricks. Things You Will Need :     

Coco peat brick Five gallon bucket Garden trowel or cultivator Planter Water

Process : 1. Get the coco bricks from the coco peat suppliers and break them into a large bucket according to your need. 2. For each coco peat block you have used, add 1 gallon of warm water. Leave that coco peat to absorb the water. Different brands of coco peat can take different time to absorb the water.

3. To fluff the moist coco peat, mix it well with hands, a garden towel or using cultivator. You can add more water and fluff again if needed. 4. Fill the planter with moistened and fluffed coco peat. Transplant potted seeds according to the depth needed for that plant. Choose the appropriate sun area and place the planter there. 5. To moisten the coco peat, water the plant 2-3 times in a week in moderate cool weather. During hot months, you can water the plants 3-4 times a week. With the above procedure, now you can also grow nice indoor plants and can add a fresh and natural look to your place.

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