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an introduction

this level of green innovation is brilliant to see - we are 100% behind bio-bean, which is absolutely full of beans . . . « mayor boris johnson

Arthur & Boris discuss creating the ‘bio-bean bus’

bio-bean速 is an award-winning green energy company. We recycle waste coffee grounds into Advanced Biofuels. the service: bio-bean provides a reduced-cost collection service for waste coffee grounds.

the product: bio-bean sells two Advanced Biofuel products, namely

biodiesel and biomass pellets, for powering buildings and transport.

how we do it

STEP 1: waste coffee grounds London’s coffee shops and instant coffee factories produce over 200,000 tonnes of coffee waste every year. Currently this waste is incinerated, sent to AD plants or disposed of in landfill, releasing harmful Greenhouse Gases and contributing to the UK’s waste crisis.

STEP 2: collected bio-bean uses a sophisticated coffee waste recycling infrastructure to collect this waste and transport it to our local processing plant.

STEP 3: recycled into biofuel bio-bean use an innovative, patented technique to process this waste into two Advanced Biofuel products, namely biomass pellets and biodiesel.

STEP 4: powering London bio-bean sell these Advanced Biofuels to London’s businesses, where they are used for powering buildings and transport. bio-bean’s fuels are highly calorific and 100% carbon-neutral. Our biofuel products provide a cheap, clean and locally-produced alternative to conventional fuels.

the science

bio-bean has a patented technique to process waste coffee grounds into Advanced Biofuels. We work with people on the cutting edge of innovation within the energy and recycling sectors, from waste collection experts, to talented bio-chemical engineers. We have built a dynamic team with a broad range of expertise.

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who we are « co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Arthur Kay « co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer - Benjamin Harriman « Chairman - Jeremy Miller « Chief Technical Officer - Prof. Mano Misra « Chief Financial Officer - Dr. Philip Kay « Head of Supply Chain - Joe Nicholson « Head of Communications - Emily Norris « Head of Sustainability - Eleanor Jeffrey « Advisors & Consultants - Ben Stocks (CEO,

Porvair), Dr. Swomitra Mohanty (biochemical engineer), Dr. Paul Hellier (combustion engineer), Ed Gillespi (Founding Director, Futerra), Sir Ronald Hampel [ex-Chairman, ICI], Dr. Marco Lizzul (chemical engineer), Dr. Russell Gilbert (ex-Director, Shell Nigeria), James Lupton (Chairman, Greenhill Europe), Karen Darby (serial entrepreneur), Rick Wells (MD, F&W), Konrad Brits (MD, Falcon Coffee).

why we do it We are responding to two global concerns: 1. the need to establish responsible waste collection and disposal; 2. the desire to achieve clean, cheap energy production.

elimination of coffee waste

• London’s coffee industry currently produces over 200,000 tonnes of waste coffee grounds every year, costing the industry over £53.2mn. • bio-bean will process over 30,000 tonnes every year, preventing emissions of harmful Greenhouse Gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

production of clean fuels

• The waste coffee that bio-bean collects will be recycled responsibly and efficiently into biomass pellets and biodiesel. • bio-bean’s products are cheap, locally produced and 100% renewable. • First generation biofuels are produced directly from arable crops, using up valuable land that would otherwise be used for growing food crops. • Advanced Biofuels do not have these same drawbacks, as they are produced from feedstock that would otherwise be considered as waste.

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200,000 of cof fee waste diverted from landfill sites & AD plants


to n n e s


barrels of oil saved

tonnes of CO2-eq saved

... that is the equivalent of driving a London bus times around the world


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Combining 3 disperate technologies;

Eliminating waste disposal costs & providing clear economic incentives;

Diverting thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill;

First to Market with a disruptive business model; Patented process; Urban Mining - deriving value from an under-valued waste stream.

Visibility - improved CSR through closed loop recycling; Proven business model; Cheap Advanced biofuels.

Recycling London’s waste to provide clean, cheap energy; !00% carbon neutral; Providing localised ‘green jobs’ and boosting the green economy.

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