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爱 和 信 仰



Love & Faith

The Strory Of Mr and Mrs Shi Mr & Mrs Shi radiate faith and love for God, love for arts, love for their family, love for the people around them, and love for each other. They always say: “We love because God first loved us.” (1 John 3:11). Faith works wonders. Mrs Shi’s parents separated for 33 years between Mainland China and Taiwan after the revolution in 1949. They found each other and reunited in Australia in 1982, all started by Mrs Shi’s enduring faith and a small advertisement she placed on a corner of the Hong Kong Newspaper when she was holidaying there in 1979 – an amazing story. Ever since then, Mr & Mrs Shi have been enjoying life in Australia by pursuing arts. Mrs Shi is a great artist practicing Chinese Traditional paintings and calligraphy, while Mr Shi has magic hands to turn any rustic tree trunks and branches into a beautiful arts and crafts. This is their story of hope, faith and love.

Part 1 Memories of parents

In 1949 when Mrs Shi was only six years of age, her then pregnant mother took her and her sister to Taiwan, hoping that their father will join them soon. To their dismay, after Mainland China’s Liberation their father could not go to Taiwan. Years went past and her mother had to raised three children on her own. Even by the time all children completed their university degrees and got married, their mother remained single with the dream to reunite with their father. Life was hard for this family but through Faith, they acquired enough strength to survive. In 1979 there was still no connection between Mainland China and Taiwan. Although they had lost touch for over 30 years Mrs Shi was determined to find her father. While on holiday in Hong Kong, she put a small advertisement in local newspaper. To her surprise, one of her relatives in Mainland China read that advertisement and passed the information to her dad. Her father has never remarried and soon secretly wrote a letter to his family in Taiwan. In his letter he enclosed a tiny photo of his darling daughter as a little girl that he has treasured for all theses years. When Mrs Shi finally received it through a Hong Kong relative, she immediately enlarged it to treasure it. Since at the time there was still no dialogue between Mainland China and Taiwan, it seemed impossible for the family to reunite with their long-lost father. The only solution was to migrate to another country- they chose Australia.

In 1981, Mrs Shi’s father, mother and three children joyfully reunited in this beautiful land they now call home. They believe the only explanation to this miracle is Love and Paith. Their story was so compelling that it was reported by The Age newspaper.

Part 2 Mr and Mrs Shi’s Art talents

Mrs Shi is a traditional Chinese watercolor painter. Her style is all about using Chinese traditional and cultural elements through freehand brushwork. In the drawings, she gives attention to expressing her inner emotions through her manner rather than being overcritical of the delicate detail. This technique is a way of being simple in form but being filled with meaning.

A variety of brushes help her to use different kinds of paint in her artwork. Many paintings that she has done are unframed because she has painted so many pieces of artworks.

Different sizes of stamps made by sculpting nice stones and used by different paintings.

Traditional Chinese red ink used for stamps that have more that 2000 years of history.

Mrs Shi’s studio.

Mr Shi has magic hands to turn any rustic tree trunks and branches into a beautiful arts and crafts.

Tea pot stand.

According to the Chinese zodiac, his wife’s zodiac is the sheep. It is a present for his wife.

Handmade wooden light stand.

Handmade stand and two birds that was a present for his wife.

Display of art works made by Mr shi.

Part 3 Mr and Mrs shi’s day to day life

Going to Yum Cha.

Yum Cha.

Mr and Mrs Shi’s marriage photos. They say a good marriage is about being like best friends and respecting each other in family life.

Front of their home.

Bonsai tools and Mr Shi’s garden.

Mrs Shi is checking her blood suger level.

Dinner with shanghai noodle and lamb.

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Shi’s welcome to their home to shoot the story. Thanks to Helen and Judy introducing the story to me. Thanks to Rob and Jessie’s guidance and support.

Photography by Binxing Qiu

爱和信仰 love& faith


The story of Mr Shi and Mrs Shi.


The story of Mr Shi and Mrs Shi.