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Hey, AIESEC! Congratulations for joining AIESEC BINUS! And by joining AIESEC, the largest youth-run organization in the world, you guys choose a path to be an extraordinary future leader that will bring positive impact to your surrounding. I’m sure you guys are interested to know more about what AIESEC is all about and how to be an AIESEC-er. So, Local Conference will answer all your question and curiosity. Besides knowing more about what AIESEC is, you will also get a chance to know more about other member of AIESEC BINUS. So, what else are you waiting for? C’mon register yourself now, pack your bags, and enjoy the journey in Paradise with us! Warmest Regards, On behalf of your Local CC

Why should I join Local Conference?

Local Conference is your first journey to be an AIESEC-er

 You’ll find out more information what AIESEC is all about  You’ll get to know other members of AIESEC BINUS and bonding strong relationship  And of course, we’re gonna have fun together with inspiring session, games, and also cool party!

Our Local Conference goals are...

Build a strong bond between new members of AIESEC BINUS with current staffs and managers To be an AIESEC-er who have knowledge to develop essential skills that are needed for being in AIESEC BINUS Engange new members of AIESEC BINUS to discover and choose their AIESEC way as well as journey

Our Paradise gonna be...


Azila Villa Pelatnas PBSI No. 1 Cipayung, Jakarta Timur

Dinner Party Dresscode: Elegance semiformal dress and suits

Laua Party Dresscode: As flowery as the garden full of flowers

STARTER PACK FOR YOUR JOURNEY Pen or pencil and notebook One mineral water (1,5L) Empty lunch box

Personal medicine Clothes for 3 days 2 night Special gift (IDR20.000)

Your First Journey Fee & Payment If you cancel your registration after paying the registration fee, the fee will not be refunded. But you can substitute your name with another delegates by informing delegates service ( with subject written as “Cancellation LC ABLYS 2016_YourName_StudentID”

Delegates Fee : IDR350.000 3rd Round Registration Deadline: Nov 30th - Dec 4th 2016 3rd Payment

Delegates can transfer the delegates fee to: BCA 527.154.8436 a/n Nisrina Salma

Deadline: 3 days after registration

Conference Committee

Aditya Nur Hakim CC President

Natallya Tjahjadi CC Delegates Service

Nisrina Salma CC Finance

Agita R. Karo Karo CC Event

Acintya Paramita P. Amalia A. Mauliyam CC Delegates CC Logistic Service

Surya Wijaya CC Design & Documentation

See You There!

Booklet 3rd abyls  
Booklet 3rd abyls