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PRESS RELEASE A REAL ALTERNATIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTFAIR ALONGSIDE THE IMPORTANT ANNUAL PARISIAN ONE ! YOUNG, FRESH, VIBRANT AND INTERNATIONAL Effectively the creators of PHOTO OFF have taken an important standpoint by creating a photographic art fair based on the « young and/or upcoming » from Europe, America, Asia, Africa chosen for their originality and quality of their work.

Photo: Two dogs © Graeme Williams

EDITO In response to the increasing public demand for more photography and wanting to be an open modern window to contemporary photography, La Bellevilloise* together with Art Event* and Janette Danel* have created the art fair “ PHOTO OFF”During 4 days, they propose under a blazing light, around 20 galleries representing around 60 photographers alongside this year‟s Biennale of “La Mois de la Photo” in November, where the city turns into the photography capital of the world. This first edition of PHOTO OFF, outside the mainstream but in a legendary building in Paris focusing on culture, is “parrainée” by Marc Riboud.


* : La Bellevilloise : Slick 2006-2007, Young Creators, memorable exhibition May 68… * : Art Event : creator and organizer of multiples art fairs in Europe and Asia. * : Janette Danel : artistic director PHOTO OFF, international curator specialized in contemporary photography


15h - 18h30 : Professionnel day reserved for collectors, medias and professionals 18h30 - 20h30 : Vernissage ART'PERITIF on invitation only 20h30 - 22h30 : Photo After : Mixed images, DJ set et VJing

Friday 19

11h - 22h30 : Open to the public 18h30 - 20h30 : ART‟PERITIF on invitation only 20h30 - 22h30 : Photo After : Mixed images, DJ set et VJing.

Saturday 20

11h - 22h30 : Open to the public 18h30 - 20H30 : ART'PERITIF on invitation only 20h30 - 22h30 : Photo After : Mixed images, DJ set et VJing.

Sunday 21

11h - 20h30


Thursday 18, Friday 19 et Saturday 20.11 / 18h30 - 20h30

: Open to the public

PHOTO AFTER Thursday 18, Friday 19 et Saturday 20.11 / 20h30 - 22h30 Festive evenings with DJ set and VJing. Pass

: 12 € pass for 4 days : 5€ Students : Free for under 12 : For the people with the “Pass Paris Capitale”, 1 place bought, 1 place offered

Photo After : Catalogue :

5€ 10€

RESTAURATION : on location at la Halle aux Oliviers de la Bellevilloise. 21 rue Boyer, 75020 Paris Info line and reservation : 0146360707 (recommended to call before as weekends are busy). ACCESS :

Metro Bus

: GAMBETTA, sortie 5 rue Orfila : 96 Station Pyrénées- Ménilmontant Noctilien N16, N34 Velib‟ : rue Boyer Taxi‟s : Place Gambetta Parking : Saint Fargeau (25 rue Saint Fargeau 75020 PARIS) 15 minutes by foot

EVENTS During the day : Photographic cabin: Photomaton “La Joyeuse de Photographie” brings new light to the photo booths of the “50‟s and 60‟s : four different poses, a short story told in the biggest intimacy. By an easy and fun gesture and for only 2€ we invite you to personalize your identity photo, as to you yourself becoming part of the game and the experiment. No restrictions. And with nobody looking. In 4 poses. In black and white. Evènement - Labomaton: Labomaton is a project piloted by the photographer Fred Lebain, together with “La Joyeuse de Photographie”, “Les Prairies de Paris” and the agency “Be-Pôles”. Labomaton do their visual research based on the photo booths by working on such scenes as Dogme 95 of Lars Von Trier, imposing rules and contradictions to awaken the imagination, to force a creation and to push the boundaries of this genre. Work permanently in progress to be seen at the Galerie des Prairies in Paris, Labomaton is to be seen for the first time at Photo-Off, where the first big prints will be exposed. Conferences and debats : Photographer„s “speakers corner” (hours soon to be confirmed). Portfolio Review : (Hours soon to be confirmed). Friday November 19 / 18h30 - 20h30 : presentation of the 2011 International Art Diary edition (IAD).. Evenings: Stello Production and propose Photo After with DJ set and VJing (mixing images) animated by the duo Switch DJ Piper & VJ Stello Night : La Bellevilloise proposes “les Nuits Capitales”. Contact : Art Event, 22 rue Orfila 75020 Paris Mail : Site : Tel : +33 6 26 40 54 54 +33 6 26 40 54 22 +33 1 40 33 64 67


Galerie FOAM, Amsterdam

Galerie Émotion, Lydie Trigano, Paris

MKGalerie, Berlin-Rotterdam

Espace Dupon, Paris

Kodoji Kombawa ! By Sophie Boursat, Paris –

Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles


White Space Gallery, Londres

Photographic Projects Paris, Coup de cœur Janette

Crown Gallery, Belgique


Galerie Basia Embiricos, Paris

GadCollection, Paris

Van Krimpen, Amsterdam

Johann Soussi, Paris

Labomaton, Paris

Galerie Photo4, Paris

Galerie Photo12, Paris, Valérie-Anne Giscard D'Estaing

Galeria Tagomago, Barcelone

Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris

Galerie Artraces,Paris

LIST of PHOTOGRAPHERS d'Agostin Attie Béchet Blezinger Boulat Caramés Crocco Dobrowner Deman Gronsky Gual Hal Herrero Hugo Iijima Jamet Joly Jun Koji Lebain

Renato Alice Jean-Christophe Mark Pierre Maite Margharita Mitch Tanja Alexander Jordi Photographer Lucia Peter Nozomi Pierre Jean-François Zhou Onaka Fred

List non exhaustive.

Maleonn Marrian Mc Caw Mellado Niehaus Ningde Quade Secretan Soussi Sutkus Tanis Toroptsov Tourneboeuf Van Ark Van Der Salm Viksraitis Vitali Vrbaski Williams Wilschut

Eric Chris Jose Maria Holger Wang Bernhard Thierry Johann Antanas Aram Yury Patrick Danielle Frank Rimaldas Massimo Mirjana Graeme Hans

“COUP DE COEUR” JANETTE DANEL, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Photographic Projects Paris, Photographer represented: :

Graeme Williams Serie Dog


Galerie FOAM, Amsterdam

Photographers represented:

Alexander Gronsky Vladivostok

Danielle van Ark baby deer 01

Peter Hugo Wild Honey Collector

Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris-Pékin Photographers represented:

Wang Ningde


Zhou Jun

Somme Days - 23

Postman 03

The red and the black - 37

MKGalerie, Berlin-Rotterdam

Photographers represented:

Holger Niehaus

Aram Tanis

Hans Wilschut




Kodoji Kombawa ! By Sophie Boursat, Paris – Tokyo

Photographers represented:

Photographer Hal Série couple Jam

Galerie Photo4, Paris Photographers represented: :

Onaka Koji Tokyo Candy box

Nozomi Iijima Série Pigs

Renato d'Agostin

Thierry Secretan

Jean-Christophe Béchet

Tokyo Untitled serie


Désert Atacama, Chili

Galerie Photo12, Paris,

Photographers represented:

Yury Toroptsov La maison de Baba Yaga

Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona

Photographers represented:

Lucia Herrero

Maite Caramés

Jordi Gual

Serie Tribus

Ausencia #5

El gato

Galerie Émotion, Paris

Photographers represented:

Patrick Tourneboeuf

Jean-François Joly

Versailles 5 BD

Trio Russie

Galerie Basia Embiricos, Paris Photographers represented:

Mark Blezinger

Margharita Crocco

Bernhard Quade

Bal Masqué



Espace Dupon, Paris

Photographers represented:

Dina VIERNY par Pierre JAMET

Brigitte BARDOT par Pierre BOULAT

 Crown Gallery, Belgique

Photographers represented:

Massimo Vitali Cefalu

Frank Van DerSalm Exposure

Jose Maria Mellado Hotel by Tequendama Falls

Van Krimpen, Amsterdam

Photographers represented:

Mirjana Vrbaski Girl

Tanja Deman Dam

Satijn Panyigay TheColorOfCoal

GadCollection, Paris

Photographers represented:




Carré blanc, étude n°3

Old man in Harlem

Vapour Cloud

 Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles Photographers represented:

Chris Mc Caw Sunburned

 White Space Gallery, London Photographers represented:

Rimaldas Viksraitis

Antanas Sutkus


Jean-Paul Sartre

 Johann Soussi, Photographe, Paris


Sous verre (Monotype)

Escalier C

 Artraces, Paris

Photographer represented: René Pena

Los fosforos


Labomaton, Paris

Photographer represented: Fred Lebain



La Boule


is a specialized team that organizes artistic and cultural events at an international level

In Paris :

- Co-creator and co-organizer of the art fair Art Elysées - Salon “Kitsch et du psychédélique” In Chine : - Preparation and presentation of French sculptures for the Universal exhibition of Shanghai 2010, - Creators and organizers of art fairs : Shanghai Art Fair, Art Shanghai, China Art Exposition(Beijing), Guangzhou Art Fair(Canton) and creators of the French Contemporary Art Fair in HongKong In Europe : Lille, Lyon, Bruxelles, Berlin, London. Art Event is directed by Eric Fantou, teacher for numerous years the University Paris VIII and at the moment at professor at l‟Icart (

La Bellevilloise, co-organisator and productor Founded in 1877 after the “La Commune”, La Bellevilloise, first Parisian co-operative, was meant for the lesser few to be able to have an easier access to education and culture. Since 2005, this memorable historic place in Paris has reopened it‟s doors with a strong project to bring life back into La Bellevilloise by creating a big independent space for artistic activities and happenings for the larger public, the enterprises and the media, unique to Paris. Crossroads in between creators and the big public, this eclectic space has become the hotspot and welcomes new tendencies in many different areas including numerous contemporary art fairs (Slick, Expo Mai ‟68, young creators…)

Janette DANEL, artistic director Originally Dutch and living in Paris, she launches «Photo Off 2010». Art historian, specialized in museology, she was a contemporary photographic expert at Phillips de Pury in New York and London. She was co-founder of the gallery « Chinese Eyes » in Hong Kong and Paris. She was a curator at “Les Rencontres d‟Arles and as independent curator she organized many photographic exhibitions throughout the world including Marc Riboud, Harry Gruyaert, Gao Brothers,... Janette also organized the exhibition “Tiananmen” at the FOAM museum in Amsterdam and then in Paris. Today she is an expert in contemporary Chinese and South African photography. In 2009, Janette nominates the candidature of David Goldblatt for the Henri Cartier-Bresson Award who becomes the laureate and also her second proposition Shai Kremer obtains 2e prize. In 2010, she presents the candidature of David Goldblatt for the « Lifetime Achievement Awards » in New York, and whom becomes the laureate.

THE TEAM ERIC FANTOU : Director in collaboration with RENAUD BARILLET JANETTE DANEL : Artistic director BASIA EMBIRICOS : Advisor RODOLPHE AUBINEAU : Coordinator CYRIL PLASSON : Communication EMILIE CAILLAUD-HOUテ記 : Visual identity + catalogue ONDINE HENRY : Directors assistant R. Barillet CHARLOTTE LAFON assisted by NANTOU SOUMAHORO : responsible for communication, public relations and partnerships Media de La Bellevilloise MATHIEU ARDAILLON : Production STAN WALBERT : Concepter, animator of ツォ Photo After ツサ in collaboration with DJ PIPER CINDY SUCHETET and AUDE PARMANTIER : Director assistants for general coordination and communication

Interview with the organizers :

Contact : Art Event, 22 rue Orfila 75020 Paris Mail : Site : Tel : +33 6 26 40 54 54 +33 6 26 40 54 22 +33 1 40 33 64 67


PhotoOff Exhibition Paris

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