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Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation respects the fundamental principles

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of the International Red Cross.

Plesmanlaan 125 NL-1066 CX Amsterdam P.O. Box 9892 NL-1006 AN Amsterdam The Netherlands Telephone +31 20 512 30 00 Fax +31 20 512 33 03



From people, for people Over 3,000 employees of Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation ensure a safe and efďŹ cient blood supply every day. Everything that Sanquin does, shows that supplying blood is a people-centred activity.


The Executive Board

Our organisation, the Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation,

For all its information, a brochure may not do full

is on the basis of the Blood Supply Act responsible for

justice to its topic and this especially applies to blood

ensuring the quality, safety and availability of blood

products and the people involved in their preparation

and blood products from non-renumerated donors in

and application. For a true picture, you would have to

The Netherlands. In this role, Sanquin is one of the most

come and have a look for yourself, which of course you

prominent organisations in the field of blood and blood

are welcome to do. You could then see what it means to

products. Sanquin develops and produces pharmaceuti-

be involved on a personal and professional level in the

cal products, conducts high-quality scientific research,

meticulous care required for the optimal use and safety

and develops and performs a multitude of diagnostic

of blood and blood products. This is what saves so


many lives.

There is of course much more to the Sanquin story and

T.J.F. Buunen, chairman (middle)

this brochure will outline some of these organisational

H.J.C. de Wit, vice chairman (right)

activities. Those who are familiar with us as well as

E. Briët (left)

those who have interacted with us in the past, will be

Executive Board

interested to see the advances we have made in the many fields of science, medicine and technology. Just one example is our two hundred scientific publications annually.

Blood and Beyond


Sanquin’s tasks: – recruiting and medical screening of donors; – collecting, processing, testing and storing blood and blood products; – providing products and services to hospitals and other customers; – giving advice to customers on (its) products and services; – conducting scientific research; – conducting diagnostic services; – providing education and training at pre- and post-graduate levels.

The beginning: the indispensable blood donor Donors voluntarily donate their blood time after time. There are over half a million blood donors in The Netherlands, contributing to a total of some 900,000 donations a year. Without these donors, there would be no blood supply in The Netherlands. Sanquin is always aware of this and does everything to ensure the donor feels comfortable and supported.



Not just blood collection

Blood consists of red blood cells, white blood cells, blood

Sanquin also conducts diagnostic blood tests, as well

platelets and blood plasma. With blood as the basis,

as strategic and applied scientiďŹ c research. Our staff

Sanquin manufactures many different products:

members provide education and training to poly-

red blood cell and blood platelet concentrates are just

technics and universities, medical specialist training,

two examples, not to mention the large number of

and schooling for blood transfusion physicians and

medicines made from plasma, such as clotting factors

specialists. Sanquin offers apprenticeships to university

for haemophilia patients. We also provide doctors,

students and laboratory technicians. Specialist and

pharmacists and healthcare organisations with expert

post-graduate courses for medical professionals are

advice on how best to use our products.

also available.

Blood and Beyond


The pelican Sanquin’s logo, a stylised pelican with a drop of blood on its breast, refers to the legend of the Dalmatian pelican. This pelican is said to have fed her starving young with her own blood. Just as the mother pelican so selflessly saved the lives of her offspring, so do generous donations of blood save the lives of patients.

An organisation committed to transparent communication and service Sanquin’s aim is an optimal blood supply, the only

blood supply. The blood supply is a people-orientated

real purpose of which is the health of the patient.

activity, and the skills and commitment of Sanquin’s staff

Transparent and smooth communication is

are the organisation’s greatest asset. Communication

required to achieve this goal. Sanquin focuses its

lines are efficient and transparent, thus nurturing the

attention on the needs, questions and comments

professionalism and commitment needed to ensure

of doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, and professionals

the high quality of our blood supply. The employees

from other organisations.

of Sanquin work according to a code of conduct.

Sanquin’s work ethics are designed to ensure a safe



Sanquin’s organisation: a wide range of people Sanquin employs people working in many different disci-

of Sanquin. Sanquin has seven divisions: four regional

plines, including donor assistants, doctors, pharmacists,

blood bank divisions, the Plasma Products division, the

researchers, laboratory technicians and production staff.

Diagnostic Services division and the Research division.

Sanquin has a Supervisory Board responsible for the

The Corporate Staff supports these divisions and advises

overall monitoring of the organisation’s operations.

the Executive Board. Sanquin has two ‘business units’:

The Executive Board is the senior management body

Reagents and Pharmaceutical Services.

Supervisory Board

Executive Board

Corporate Staff

Sanquin Blood Bank North East Region

Sanquin Plasma Products

Sanquin Blood Bank South East Region

Sanquin Blood Bank North West Region

Sanquin Diagnostic Services

Sanquin Blood Bank South West Region

Sanquin Research

Sanquin Reagents

Blood and Beyond

Sanquin Pharmaceutical Services


Sanquin’s mission The Sanquin Blood Supply foundation works on a not for profit basis, to provide the blood supplies and to promote transfusion medicine, in such a way as to meet the most stringent quality, safety and efficiency requirements. Sanquin provides products and services, carries out research and offers education.

Safety first The organisation’s top priority is the health of patients and donors: safety always comes first. The safety of the blood transfusion chain from donor to patient is ensured by sophisticated production methods, rigid procedures, strict quality requirements and testing, as well as thorough staff training. Sanquin tests donors before they give blood and excludes people at high risk of infectious diseases. All donations are tested, thereby minimising the risk of transmitting blood infections by blood products. Even though every possible precaution is taken, there remains a very small chance of a blood transfusion causing an infection through a virus or pathogen. That is why blood and blood products must be used with prudence. Accurate administration to keep close track of what happens to blood is an integral part of ensuring maximum safety. Sanquin keeps records of who receives its products, and products can always be traced back to the donor. This data is kept for thirty years. Hospitals and pharmacists also keep track of which patient receives which blood product.



Sanquin Blood Bank

The four Sanquin blood bank divisions carry out a range

These products are supplied directly to the various hospi-

of tasks, including recruiting donors and collecting the

tals all over The Netherlands. The blood banks provide

blood at the numerous donor centres around the country.

advice on use of these blood products and are involved in

After donation, the blood is tested and processed into

clinical research. Most of the plasma is not needed by hos-

red blood cell concentrates, blood platelets and plasma.

pitals and is sent directly to the Plasma Products division.

Blood and Beyond


Sanquin Plasma Products The Plasma Products division processes the plasma

of isolation techniques produces coagulation factors,

supplied by the blood banks into medicines for coagu-

protease inhibitors, immunoglobulins and albumin.

lation and immune disorders. These medicines are

The division works closely with sister organisations in

called plasma products: Sanquin is a major supplier

other countries, such as the Department for Central

of medicines for patients in the Netherlands. A variety

Fractioning (CAF) in Belgium and the Finnish Red Cross.

Sanquin Diagnostic Services The Diagnostic Services division provides diagnostic

ceutical organisations. Sanquin Diagnostic Services is

services for blood transfusion and immunology

primarily called upon when complex specialist research

(the study of the body’s defence mechanism).

is needed. Hospitals with insufďŹ cient capacity to carry

It also conducts genetic research in a number of areas,

out their own testing enlist the aid of Sanquin Diagnostic

including blood groups and paternity issues. Sanquin

Services. Sanquin Diagnostic Services provides over more

Diagnostic Services can perform all blood-related

than 600 different diagnostic tests. More than half a

laboratory tests for hospitals, blood banks, institutes,

million samples are tested each year.

obstetrics clinics, insurance companies and pharma-



Sanquin Research

Transfusion medicine is a constantly evolving ďŹ eld of

medicine is conducted every year. New ďŹ elds of

research. Sanquin therefore has an extensive research

research include stem cells and cellular immunetherapy.

program in the ďŹ eld of cellular blood products, plasma products and diagnostics, a large part of which is

These studies are conducted in close collaboration with

carried out by the Research division. Sanquin carries

academic centres such as the Amsterdam University

out both strategic and applied research. A broad range

Medical Centre and the Leiden University Medical Centre,

of studies in immunology, cell biology, blood-borne

as well as non academic research centres in the

infectious diseases, haematology and blood transfusion

Netherlands and abroad.

Blood and Beyond


Business units

Business unit Reagents Reagents are products used in hospital laboratories to

Sanquin has two business units, Reagents and Pharmaceutical Services. These are responsible for diagnostic products and pharmaceutical and biotechnological services.

detect various characteristics or abnormalities in blood samples. Sanquin Reagents was one of the ďŹ rst producers of blood group reagents. The Reagents business unit develops a broad range of blood group and immune reagents in its own research facilities and diagnostic laboratories. The products are available all over the world.

Business unit Pharmaceutical Services Sanquin Pharmaceutical Services supports the bio-

gives advice on GMP and virus safety issues. The

pharmaceutical industry by developing new medicines

business unit Pharmaceutical Services has a modern

based on protein technology. The business unit also

production site that fulďŹ ls all of the many and strict

carries out a broad range of quality control tests, and

international regulations.



International activities

Sanquin uses its blood products efďŹ ciently and effectively,

committees of international organisations such as the

balancing supply with demand. To make sure not one

World Health Organisation, the Council of Europe and

drop of blood is wasted, it is our policy to provide other

the European Commission.

countries with any surplus intermediate and ďŹ nal products. Sanquin also supplies rare blood units to the

Sanquin has also set up a consultancy service to transfer

Blood Bank of the Council of Europe. Furthermore,

knowledge on issues such as blood supply to developing

Sanquin takes an active role in working groups and


Blood and Beyond


Addresses Executive Board and Corporate Staff

Sanquin Plasma Products

Plesmanlaan 125

Plesmanlaan 125

P.O. Box 9892

P.O. Box 9190

1006 AN Amsterdam

1006 AD Amsterdam

The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Telephone +31 20 512 30 60

Telephone +31 20 512 37 44


Sanquin Diagnostic Services Plesmanlaan 125

Sanquin Blood Bank North West Region

P.O. Box 9190

Plesmanlaan 125

1006 AD Amsterdam

P.O. Box 9137

The Netherlands

1006 AC Amsterdam

Telephone +31 20 512 34 79

The Netherlands Telephone +31 20 512 32 81

Sanquin Research Plesmanlaan 125

Sanquin Blood Bank South East Region

P.O. Box 9190

Geert Grooteplein-Zuid 34

1006 AD Amsterdam

P.O. Box 1013

The Netherlands

6501 BA Nijmegen

Telephone +31 20 512 31 68

The Netherlands Telephone +31 24 327 90 10

Sanquin Reagents Plesmanlaan 125

Sanquin Blood Bank South West Region

P.O. Box 9190

Wytemaweg 10

1006 AD Amsterdam

P.O. Box 23370

The Netherlands

3001 KJ Rotterdam

Telephone +31 20 512 35 53

The Netherlands Telephone +31 10 463 06 30

Sanquin Pharmaceutical Services Plesmanlaan 125

Sanquin Blood Bank North East Region

P.O. Box 9190

Hanzeplein 1 Entrance 47 (at Oostersingel)

1006 AD Amsterdam

P.O. Box 1191

The Netherlands

9701 BD Groningen

Telephone +31 20 512 35 49

The Netherlands Telephone +31 50 369 55 55



Sanquin Corporate brochure  

Sanquin Corporate brochure

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