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We are students from UBD conducting research on the issue as mentioned above. All information given will be kept confidential. Moral values come hand in hand with tradition, laws, behavior, customs and beliefs which are features that define one’s culture. Objectives:  To see what triggers this epidemic (emphasizing on teenagers).  To evaluate how many people have actually come to realize these changes. 1) Do you agree that our generation is our future asset? (Please tick ONE only) Yes No 2) Do you agree that deteriorate of moral values is the major factor of our youth’s failure? (Please tick ONE only) Yes No 3) From your point of view, what are the causes of moral degeneration among youth? (Please rank 1 to 5. 1 most likely and 5 least likely) Peer pressure, eg: television, Internet or media Lack of parental guidance Lack of education Financial problems Others (Please specify) ___________________________

4) What are the most likely effects of degrading of moral value? (Please rank 1 to 5, 1 most likely and 5 least likely) Depression Immoral activities, eg: underage sex promiscuity or promiscuity Addiction to dangerous substances, eg: smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs Crimes, eg: shoplifting or vandalism, etc Others (Please specify) ___________________________ 5) Which gender probably has the greater risk of getting involved in these cases? Male Female Both 6) Are you aware of this issue? (Please tick ONE only) Yes! this is a very serious problem. We must find ways to overcome it. This is just a mild case. However, we still need to overcome this matter. I don’t think this is a serious problem at all. No big deal. 7) In your opinion, what should be done to OVERCOME this matter?

The fall or collapse of moral values among teenagers